10 signs your boyfriend doesn’t love you anymore

If your boyfriend stops replying to your cute text messages, is it a signal that he does not love you anymore? If he has stopped expressing his love to you, be it saying “I love you”, does it mean he no longer have special feelings for you? If the questions above are rising in your mind, then stop assuming and read on this entry that discusses the signs your boyfriend doesn’t love you anymore – made by Wikiyeah.com!

10 Signs Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Love You Anymore

Signs your boyfriend doesn’t love you anymore

1. Your Boyfriend Demands Space

If there is not any change in how you two behave with each other, then your boyfriend should not ask for more space in the relationship. The demand to being left alone can result from the fact that he does no longer enjoy being with you. That case, you should calmly have a conversation with him to understand the reasons why he needs more space. If he explains in specific details, then you could handle it. However, if he just says something without clear reasons behind his demand, then his love for you might be fizzling out.

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2. Your Boyfriend Compares You To Other Women

This is one of the most hurtful signs your boyfriend doesn’t love you anymore. A man should not say something to his woman that makes her feel less talented, less beautiful, etc. Even the slightest hints related to comparisons between you and other women should be a big red flag in your relationship.

Comparisons will provoke a deep-rooted resentment or frustration. If your man does this once, then you can simply let him know that you do not like being compared to another woman. Ask him how he would feel in such situation. If he keeps doing so many times, then it might be a sign he doesn’t love you as he used to.

3. Your Boyfriend Starts Turning The Table

When it comes to signs he doesn’t love you anymore, ignorance may be the clearest sign. When your boyfriend begins ignoring you, staying away from you for long intervals, acting distant or finds communicating with you tiring, then he may want out. This occurs when the man has just realized that he no longer loves his woman but still feels guilty due to that feeling.

He thinks that he can break the heart of his woman so he persuades himself that his woman also feels the same in order to avoid the guilt. [MORE: My husband ignores me]

4. He Takes A Long Time To Reply Or Even Stop Replying Your Texts

This is one of subtle signs that he is not into you. Also, it is a sign of losing interest in the relationship. His behavior will take a selfish turn. He becomes more inconsiderate as well as self-centered when interacting with you. For more details, you should watch for some classic signs mentioned below:

  • He becomes selfish in bed.
  • He just cares about his studies, his work, his routine,…
  • He stops asking you for your opinion, be it about places for dates, or ideas for dates.
  • He does not acknowledge his behavior of self-centered just until you point out to him.

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