Do you realize 20 biggest, almost-sure signs your boyfriend is gay?

Have you wondered if your boyfriend is gay? Well, most of women might answer “NO”, but for those who have, that is a horrible dilemma. Contrary to popular belief, it is not easy to pick a homosexual man from a group of men. Anyone can be gay and you can never know it.

However, instead of relying asking directly him or how flashy they dress or how they stretch the words in a conversation, you should look for other cues to identify if your half is gay or not. Use these top almost-sure signs your boyfriend is gay from below!

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Gay – 20 Biggest Signs

Signs your boyfriend is gay

1. Not Interested In Sex With You

When it comes to signs your boyfriend is gay, this might be one of the most reported signals. Now, this is not reason enough, yet it is just the starting of more signs. In fact, sometimes, a man can be in a happy marriage for a few years and enjoy such a wonderful sex life before he accidentally realizes that he likes men and is gay.

Ask yourself that is he an understanding and wonderful partner who likes spending time with you, yet avoid kissing passionately or breaking the fence of the kiss within several seconds. And, if he is not interested in other women, chances are, he might like another man. [Read: why do men blow hot and cold]

2. Stare At Men

What are the next signs your boyfriend is gay? It you often catch him staring at other guys, and this could be a more obvious on the beach when there are many guys in their bare minimum, or whilst clubbing when he keeps sticking his butt back to graze other guys.

3. Talk Dirty

Most people love thinking dirty or talking dirty in bed. However, does you guy have some sexual fantasies which might turn him on much more than other guys?

Does he like it as you talk about sexual scenarios where he is sexually gotten involved with other guys? Though experimentation might sound exciting and tempting, yet if a gay fantasy might be the only thing that turns him on a lot, you need to ask him about his fascination for other men. [Read: physical turn ons for guys]

4. Bathroom Rituals

While it may be stereotypical, it is usually true. You should watch how meticulous he is with his own grooming, and see the types of beauty products he own. Whilst it is good that he tries to make an effort, yet if he spends about 2 hours or more to be ready for going out, he might take it a bit far. And, if he has more beauty products than you and a huger shoe collection, chances are, you should consider it as a big hint. [Read: romantic gestures for him]

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