Do you realize 20 biggest, almost-sure signs your boyfriend is gay?

9. His Own View

In reality, most straight men could not really understand gays. This does not mean they are homophobic, they just do not understand why one man would opt for other guys over women. In case your guy regularly talks about how gay men had to fight challengingly and should be accepted, he may be justifying his sexuality.

10. He Flirts With Other Men

This is a sure-fire signs your boyfriend is gay. Girls might like sweet talk each other, but guys do not. In reality, they even do not try to be nice to each other. Usually, they use straight words and say what they really mean, even if it might come out wrong. Just the man who is sexual interested in other guys would try to flirt with other guy.

11. Like “It” In The Ass

A man who gets excited by homosexuality will definitely love something in the ass when he has sex. So, consider that if your guy enjoys getting penetrated by your own dildo more than he likes penetrating you. Men love penetrating and if a man loves getting penetrated much more than getting penetrated, he will like a real boner more than a plastic toy up his own ass. [Read: body language signs of attraction]

12. His Friends Live In The Closet

If your boyfriend has a lot of friends whole are closet gays, then the chances are, he might be one of those guys. Birds of the same feather flock together, we all at least once heard about this line, this is almost true this case.

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