Do you realize 20 biggest, almost-sure signs your boyfriend is gay?

13. Enjoy The Attention Of Other Guys

Does your boyfriend enjoy watching other semi-clad men when he catches the chance? Does he often “accidentally” flashing to a man, maybe on a vacation or even somewhere else. Those straight men might like attention, but just from the opposite sex.  [Read: how to impress a boy and make him like you]

14. Watch Too Many Gay Porn

In fact, straight men also watch gay porn now and then and that might be because they are curious about how two guys make love, now and then. Nevertheless, sexual pleasure is when a man watches more than 10 gay movies in one row.

15. Gifting Time

Does your boyfriend buy some expensive gifts for several of his male friends? You might assume it due to the bond they share, yet if he often, even constantly buys little luxuries for such a handsome or good looking cute male friend, chances are, your guy is flirting with him. Actually, after all, homosexual men also need to and have to woo their lovers, too.

16. Secret Conversations

Have you at least one times felt like you missed something when your boyfriend is hanging out with another guy around you? If yes, you might consider about his sexuality. If a man indulges in suspicious non-verbal communication like a slight touch with a certain male friend, then he might be weird.

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