11 warning & subtle signs your boyfriend is not over his ex girlfriend

Throwing yourself into a new relationship with a new man seems full of uncertainty, particularly if he is still falling in love with his ex girlfriend or wife. Is your boyfriend is “totally over it,” or is he still carrying a torch for his ex? Getting over an ex is not an easy thing. Whilst it is not easy to really forget the one you used to love, actually, there is a thin borderline between getting over and still being in love with someone.

It can be hard for a person to heal from their past love that had such profound effect on their heart and life. If your man still loves his previous girlfriend, then he might want to reunite with his ex. That is not a relationship that you should go for.

Remember to not turn yourself into a rebound woman or become his own nanny to nurse his broken heart so he could regain his broken pieces of heart and pursue his previous girlfriend or wife again as he feels much better. If you want to grasp the meanings of your boyfriend’s behaviors to be sure if he is over his ex or not, then consider the following clear and subtle signs your boyfriend is not over his ex girlfriend or wife here, collected by WikiYeah!

Signs Your Boyfriend Is Not Over His Ex – 10 Red Flags

Signs your boyfriend is not over his ex

1. He Still Keeps Contacting With Her

Yes, it is one of the clearest signs your boyfriend is not over his ex. When a man stays in contact with his ex, then it implies that he is still in love with her. Trust me, exes do not stay friends if they do not have become sexless after such a long boring relationship. Really, there is no good reason for exes to stay friends unless there is something binding them. Hence, if your boyfriend still is a good friend with his ex, and frequently stays in contact with her, then you have a reason to worry.

2. He Talks About Her Continually

Another red flag your boyfriend is not over his ex is that he keeps talking about her, no matter it is a bitch or something fondly of her. If he thinks of her, then he still feels something about her and will not get over his breakup.
Just a man who still thinks about his ex and is bothered by the thoughts of his ex keeps ranting about it to his current girlfriend. Hence, if you lover continually find some ways to bring back his ex into his talks, he still miss her.

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3. He Reminisces Memories With Her

This might be among the most disturbing signs your man is not over his ex. When hearing your lover reminisce on those unforgettable events or moments he has had with his ex, you will definitely feel uncomfortable. In addition, any other conversations of him subtly recalling small things about her might not be acceptable. There is no excuse why flashbacks of his past love races via his mind. It should be replaced with new built memorable moments with you. Perhaps, he just wants to recall that old thing back.

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4. He Looks Really Flustered As He Meets Her

If two of you are walking hand in hand together and suddenly you bump into his previous girlfriend, watch the behaviors of your boyfriend. If he lets go your hand instantly, or get mumble or flustered like such an awkward kid, then he might not be over his ex. If he begins sweating when being around that girl, chances are she is wandering inside his mind.

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