11 warning & subtle signs your boyfriend is not over his ex girlfriend

5. He Still Keeps Her Memories Or Gifts Around His House

It is a sure-fire one in the list of signs your boyfriend is not over his ex. The incident that a man who still keeps a stuffed toy offered by his ex is not good news for the new girlfriend. If your boyfriend keep all the gifts his ex placed neatly somewhere around his house, or if he still uses the caveat or watch given by her, then you should be careful as he does not get over his past love.
All of the things that trigger an emotional response should be considered as a main warning sign. It is totally understandable that some gifts should not be forgotten or tossed away, lie his vehicle which she helped him bought prior to the relationship. Nevertheless, if those unnecessary gifts neatly stayed around his house, there is true problem.

6. His Social Media Channels Are Still Involved With Her

Have you ever gone creeping via his social media accounts to witness whom he is liking or tweeting? If he creeps on her Instagram or Facebook page, he might be obsessed. If you find something about what you have assumed for a long time, then it is bad news. He is not in love anymore, but not over his ex. Any tweets or messages revealing signs of flirting should not be considered lightly, trust me!

7. He Keeps Throwing Shade At Her

This sounds opposite to what I have mentioned before in this checklist of signs your boyfriend is not over his ex. However, it is absolutely a sure sign that you should not overlook. Actually, a man who gives ill-mannered speaking attitude to his ex might not get over his ex. It even reveals the true feelings for her. The majority of women think that as a guy trashes a woman, he will despise her. Yet, in reality, to tell the truth, it can mean that he has not resolved any problems that he has with her yet. He might extremely dislike her as he could not fathom the thought that they are not a couple anymore.

8. He Does Not Want To See Other Men Dating With Her

Yes. Definitely do not skip this red flag. Perhaps, if his ex has recently begun dating someone new, and since then, your boyfriend has been in the horrible mood, chances are, he is getting jealous. Assume that he is still a good friend with his ex, but one day, he suddenly ends the friendship as she is in a new relationship and criticizes her new guy in some ways, then be careful. If he really committed to your relationship, then he will careless about his past girl’s new lover because after all, he also has a new lover.

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