11 warning & subtle signs your boyfriend is not over his ex girlfriend

9. He Has Not Removed All Her Text Messages

Does he still keep loads of the dirty taking messages or lovey notes of his ex? If so, then seriously, he might still keep in his mind the image of his ex. There might be a huge list of messages, yet removing it should be the her textsonly thing your boyfriend need to do if he really gets over her.

10. His Breakup Is Still New, Not Over Than Three Months

The truth is, a break up needs time to be healed. If you are in a relationship with a man who has just broken up with his lover less than 3 months ago, chances are he is not getting over his ex already and you are becoming a rebound girl even if your new guy does not acknowledge himself.

11. He Blurts Out Her During Intercourse

If during the physical intimacy, your new guy occasionally blurts out something about his mucous-slathered ex on the bed, then you could surely bet that he is still in love with his ex. That is a clear red flag to watch for.
In fact, there is a thin borderline between getting over and an obsession. Thus, you had better keep your eyes on the warning signs your boyfriend is not over his previous girlfriend listed above. They will help you truly make up your mind.

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