9 subtle and sneaky signs your ex still loves you

7. They Makes A Point To Change

Of course, everything relationship which is ended has at least one reason behind, whether it was someone’s mistake (such as cheating) or mutual fault as well. You might notice that they start improving their weaknesses or flaws to fix whatever makes the relationship with you broken up. This depends almost completely on the relationship, yet people will rarely change for themselves, but for someone special. [Read: how to fall in love again]

8. They Keep Any New Relationship Discreet

If they still have feelings for you, they would not want to lose the opportunity of getting back with you by publicly accepting that they are getting to know someone else. [Read: reasons why relationships fail]

9. They Show Off Their Feelings On The Social Network

Do you see links to love quotes or love songs in the Facebook or Twitter updates o your ex? If yes, this is one of the signs your ex still loves you. They could be discreet and but, it say a lot. However, be wary of this as stalking around a Facebook page or Twitter Feed could turn into such a painful obsession.

In reality, exes do not stop thinking about their exes. It is totally natural, and sometimes inevitable. If you have had such a bad relationship, you can’t help but wonder if you would get back and worry about the proverbial “what if…?” Yet, if your decision of breaking up is made after a long period of time of thinking, then for your own good, you should block your ex from your thoughts even if your ex has been giving you a lot of thought and attention. It could seem painful and harsh, yet that is the only manner to move on. Trust me, there will be someone else who is better and more compatible to you out there. So, do not let these signs your ex still loves you interfere too much your own life.

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