7 signs your partner is going to break up with you soon

You think you were doing great in your relationship? You think that your relationship will be a long-lasting one? In your mind, you think this person would not be like the others. Yet, when that person breaks up with you, and your delusions crash down, you may be shocked. To be honest, breakups do not happen randomly. There will be warning signs that you may not pay attention to. So, if you want to avoid being shocked and perhaps even beat your partner off to it, then watch for the following signs your partner is going to break up with you soon, collected by WikiYeah.

What Are Possible Signs Your Partner Is Going To Break Up With You?

Signs your partner is going to break up with you

1. Their Behavior Has Changed

We all experience tough times in life, the times when we disconnect from people around us, even the ones we love most.

However, if the behaviors of someone have changed dramatically towards you for a long period of time without obvious reasons, it is one of warning signs your partner is going to break up with you. The changes may come in different forms. They may become passive-aggressive or they may limit their communication or they may even begin excluding you from their plans. They do not reply to your calls or messages as fast as they used to do in the past, or they no longer show some kinds of affection to you, whether through technology or face-to-face.

2. They Become Emotionally Distant

This is a subtle signal among many signs your partner is going to break up with you. As you could not actually question or force a person on why they do not talk about the way they actually feel about you. Perhaps, the reason behind may be related to you. It may be due to some stress at the workplace, family problems, or personal life issues. The fact is, they no longer feel like sharing feelings or problems with you. It is a warning sign it is time to end your relationship.

3. They Start To Maintain Physical Distance

The way you feel about your partner from deep of your inside will be shown through physical affection in your relationship. If you have noticed that your partner avoids holding your hand, letting alone initiate physical intimacy, there is something wrong with them. Even worse, if you cannot remember the last time you shared an intimate moment that you two share together, your partner has lost interest in your relationship. Maybe, they are cheating on you or they are going to leave you.

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4. They Continually Get Angry

Arguments and fights are common in relationships. It is normal and healthy. However, if you feel like your partner is trying to look for a certain reason to fight with you, if what coming out from your mouth seems to make them furious and if they are always the one triggering arguments, then this is not normal. This behavior may be the result of their resentment towards your relationship or perhaps it is a consequence of the guilt they feel due to the provoking breakup.

5. They Become Indifferent

When you are in a romantic relationship, you will go through different kinds of experience. You kiss like that day is the last day you two were being together. Yet if your relationship has come to the point where you feel like you are the only one who initiates conversation, who loves, who wants to kiss and even who fights, then they may not really care anymore. They do not care if you are around them or not and they are interested in resolving the problems.

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6. The Little Moments Have No Longer Available

If there is not any reason to touch one another, to take long walks together, or to call the other person to let them know how much you miss them, or to spend all day long on the little moments which bring you closer – to put in simple words, the moments which keep the relationship spark alive are gone, it is one of signs your partner is going to break up with you. There seems to be not much that could stop them from leaving.

7. Promises Or Commitments Are Not Made Anymore

Oftentimes, on a yearly basis, your partner plans a holiday together and small dates now and then. However, he does not want to promise or commit to the thing you say, instead, they may say, “maybe”, “we will see” “time will tell”. This is a clear sign that he does not plan a future with you.