14 warning signs your partner wants to cheat on you

Staying on a relationship is not continually fun. There is at least some percent of luck when it comes to finding true love of life. More often than not, people have to deal with heartbreaks as well as deception in their relationship at some point of life. In many relationships, cheating has become a common problem recent days. This article created by WikiYeah.com will show you some subtle signs your partner wants to cheat.

How To Tell Your Partner Wants To Cheat On You – 14 Signs To Watch For

Signs your partner wants to cheat

1. Their Disappearance

One of the most noticeable signs your partner wants to cheat you is their disappearance. They disappear often without your knowing. One day, you are happy and comfortable with one another and the next day they disappear. Sometimes, you cannot reach them for hours or even days and when they come back and you ask them about their disappearance, they will make the lame excuse that you may not understand. What is worst is that they may act like nothing happen and is least concern about your question.

2. Check Their Phone Too Often

Another classic signal many warning signs your partner wants to cheat on you is that they check phone too much than before. They will avoid picking up the phone calls in front of you and will change their phone’s passwords often. They will get defensive in case you use their phone. They may make use of the typical saying: you don’t trust me enough to leave my phone alone. This sign is often from a person who either wants to cheat on you or is already cheating on you with someone else. You have not ever seen your partner texting so much before and you know their relationships and social circle. Hence, this sign is really worth noticing.

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3. They Come Back Home Irritated And Angry

Does your partner come back home and everything become irritating to them? Even, just little thing like your sight of waiting for them also makes them angry. It seems like they only want to get out of this home. Coming home angry, if it is about something not related to work, is not normal. It can indicate that they are doing what they should not and to supply a forced distraction, they will lash out in anger.

4. They Spend Too Much Time In The Bathroom

If you think that I am meaning spending too much time in the bathroom for personal hygiene, then it is not what you think. What I mean is that your partner wants to be alone for doing something else. Spending too much time on brushing their teeth or taking long baths imply that they want to stay away from you without making it obvious. If they are cheating on you, then they will take frequent long showers in order to remove the strange scent.  Water will help cleanse the agent and it may wash away their guilty.

5. They Avoid Meaningful Conversations

Another sign your partners wants to cheat on you is their avoidance of meaningful conversations. Your partner starts using the silent treatment. They no longer care about the future and each time you want to talk openly with them about the things that are related to you two, they ignore it.

You realize that they are silent more often than before. It may be because they do not want to share too much with you as sharing may bring two individuals closer but they do not want that now.

What they want is leaving them alone and not asking them about something which they are not willing to answer.

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6. They Sleep Earlier Than Before

It can because they want to avoid physical intimacy with you or those long conversations as they do not want it to occur.

If they are already interested in someone not you, they will not want to do anything with you that may show you that your relationship is strengthened up. Thus, she will fall asleep away before their normal time in order to avoid being intimate with you.

7. They Get Angry Over Even The Slightest Things

In the past, they used to be understanding and calm, but now they easily get angry due to the minutest provocation. They do not need to have a serious to argue with you as they feel uncomfortable due to your presence. They literally do not care about what they say when they get angry or your feelings as well.

8. They Party Too Much

Your serious, sober partner starts partying too much. In the previous time, you even had to force your partner to go out for any party on the weekend, but now they often come back home with alcohol. They like party so much as there they could find and make acquaintance with new exotic people. They do not care about your thoughts because when they are away from you, they are surrounded by drunk people, and life seems good for them.

9. They Mention About Threesome

If your partner starts talking about a third partner for a wild experience, and he/she keeps insisting about that idea or thinking out of box, then you should be careful. It is one of signs your partner wants to cheat on you in the most reliable way.

You will give them the acceptance to cheat on you with another person. They do not need to cheat behind your back because they can do it in front of you if doing this way.

10. The Intimate Affection Disappears

Do you feel that the affection of your relationship is faded away? They stop being affectionate with you, right? Then, you should be aware that there is something strange going on in your relationship. They could see you feel hurt without feeling empathize slightly. That means they do not care about you. Gentleness is an important part of a relationship, and if they could not be gentle to your feelings, then it is a red flag in your relationship.

11. They Stop Appreciating Or Praising You

Staying in a serious relationship needs attention from two sides, but regardless of how hard you try to make yourself good in front of your partner, they do not pay attention to it. They do not notice if you have a haircut, lose weight or look different.

They are not bothered by your appearance and all what you do is not important to them. You should be careful of this change.

12. They Flirt Or Check Out Other Girls Right In Front Of You

Among signs your partner wants to cheat on you, this sign sounds subtle, but it also implies deeper things. It means that your partner does not care that you are present with them when they check out other girls. Though it is true that most guys check out girls when they are in a relationship but it just means it is nothing more than a mere male habit.

However, if he checks out other women in front of you, it shows that he wants you to realize some of his reasons to leave you for another person. If your partner is loyal about your relationship, you should be the most beautiful girl in this world in his eyes.

Even worse, if he flirts with other girls in front of you, and you feel disrespected, there is no respect from him to you. Let him go because you deserve more than that.

13. They Go Home With Too Much Happiness

This could be a warning sign your partner wants to cheat on you because if he/she is often bored when you are around, but comes home happily, chances are they are enjoying the company of someone else. They keep quiet when being around you, try to sleep earlier than normal at night, and fight with you but when coming back home from outside, they seem too happy. That means there is something wrong in your relationship.

14. They Have New Hobbies

The last but not least important red flag when it comes to signs your partner wants to cheat on you is that he find new hobbies which do not include you. Despite it is common for couples try some new things together, but if your significant other has a lot of new hobbies without you, then he/she has decided to betray on you. If they go to new places without your appearance, and meet new people those you do not know, then they are looking for some ways to get out of you or they have already found someone else that you should not know about.