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Yoga for weight loss? Sounds too good to be true. Aside from healthy foods to lose weight, using some proper exercises can help you accelerate the weight loss process quickly. Actually, it is rather difficult to believe that those slow and no-strain yoga poses could help people lose some excess pounds. Nevertheless, look at many celebrities out there, like Jenifer Aniston, Madonna, Halley Berry, they resort yoga as a good solution for weight loss. Practicing yoga just 30 minutes each day and 7 days per week will help you shed some weights. Once you have just lost some weights, then these exercises will help you maintain a healthy weight for as long as you continue doing it.

Check out top simple yoga poses for weight loss from Wikiyeah.com to start losing weight now!

9 Yoga Poses For Weight Loss – Fat Burning Yoga Workouts

1. Cobra Pose

Yoga Poses For Weight Loss -Cobra Pose

The first one in this list of yoga poses for weight loss is cobra pose. It is suitable for even yoga beginners. It aims to firm the buttocks and tone the abs as well.

How to practice:

  • You lie with your face down on the ground, the tops of the feet against the floor
  • Press the hips and legs down. Then, place the hands under the shoulders, your palms down while your fingers are spreading apart.
  • Press into the hand, lift the chest, head, and upper back off the floor. Keep your gaze forward and up and the shoulder blades back and down.
  • Push your shoulders back till you feel the stretch spread along your spine.
  • Keep this position for a few seconds; take deep breaths before returning to the starting point on an exhale.

2. Yoga Boat Pose

Yoga Poses For Weight Loss - Yoga Boat Pose

This pose can enhance your stamina as well as burn some tummy fat. also, it will strengthen your lower and upper body.

How to practice:

To start, you sit down on the floor, stretch out the legs. Bring the legs up to about a 45 degree angle. Inhale while raising your feet of the floor and avoid bending the knees. Then, your torso will naturally fall back, yet do not let the spine collapse. Create the “V” shape with your body. Raise the arms to the level of your shoulders. [See: fitness tips for beginners]

3. Revolved Side Angle Pose

Yoga Poses For Weight Loss  - Revolved Side Angle Pose

How to practice: you form the position of downward dog. Raise the right foot into the air and step it forwards between the hands. While doing so, keep the left heel up and bend the right knee. Breathe evenly and deeply, calm the mind and focus your mind on the present moment.

After that, sweep the arms up overhead into the crescent lunge. Then, square the hips to the front of your body and lift them away from the thighs. Place the hands in the prayer position at the chest before lifting the belly up and in. twist to the right. After that, you cross the left elbow over the right leg and twist the torso to the right side. Keep the position for 10 full breaths. Then, release and turn back the starting position. Do the routine to the other side.

4. Warrior I Pose

Yoga Poses For Weight Loss  - Warrior I Pose

How to practice: start this pose with the standing position, arms at your sides similar to the mountain pose. After that, step the left foot forwards so that the feet will be about 3-4 feet apart. Then, turn the left foot inward slightly and the right foot at 90 degree angle. You bend the left knee also at 90 degree angle while straighten the right leg. Raise the arms up over the head. Keep this position for 1 minute or more. After that, switch to the other side and repeat the routine.

5. Bow Pose

Yoga Poses For Weight Loss  -  Bow Pose

When it comes to yoga poses for weight loss, this pose is a back bend which can help you boost energy level and keep the metabolism burning strong. Also, bow pose opens up as well as stretches the front of the body whilst strengthening the back muscles.

How to practice: to start, you lie down on the mat; bring the hands alongside the body with the palms face up. After that, bend the knees and reach the hands back to grab the ankles. Avoid grabbing the feet. Keep the legs hip-wide apart. Lift the heels up and away from the body, thereby pulling the chest up off the floor. Remember to keep the shoulder blades down and away from the ears the whole time. Keep the position for 30 to 45 seconds before releasing. Turn the head to the side. Do the set of 3 reps.

6. Pigeon Pose

Yoga Poses For Weight Loss  -  Pigeon Pose

How to practice: create the position of downward dog. Then, lift the left led to the air and swing the left ankle towards the right wrist. After that, bring the knee as well as shin to the ground. Shift the left knee to the left till it is in one line with the armpit. Next, you draw the left foot back towards the right hip bone. Keep the hips relatively square and curl the right toes under and slide the rear right back. Lengthen the spine up. Hinge from the hip crease then fold forwards. Create the prayer position while resting the head on the top of the hands. Keep this position for 10 breaths. [See: how to set weight loss goals easily]

7. Cow Face Pose

Yoga Poses For Weight Loss  - Cow Face Pose Yoga

How to practice: from the pigeon pose, slide your knees to center, stacking your right knee directly over your left one. It might be useful to come forwards onto the hands as well as knees to align your knees. After that, separate your feet and come back to sit between your feet.

Then, bring your left arm up toward the roof. Bend your left elbow, bring your left hand down your back’s center. After that, bring your right arm to the right side while bending your elbow and bring your right arm up your back’s center. Keep the hands behind your back. Draw both of your elbows toward the center.

8. Seated Forward Bend

Yoga Poses For Weight Loss  - Seated Forward Bend

How to practice: form the position of downward dog and take 5 deep breaths. Sit or hop to a seated position on the ground. Then, extend the legs straight out and in front of your body with the toes upwards. After that, move the flesh of the buttocks out from the underneath you and separate the heels by 6 inches apart. Next, grab the big toes and keep your back straight when you fold forward. Keep your spine lengthening, draw the crown of the head toward the toes. Keep this position for 10 full breaths. [See: the venus factor system – an effective guide for weight loss]

9. Side-Stretch Pose

Yoga Poses For Weight Loss  - Side-Stretch Pose

When it comes to yoga poses for weight loss, this is considered as the simplest one. It can work the abs, arms and legs as well.

How to practice: stand with the feet wider a little bit than the hips. Turn the chest and the feet to the right before bending forward. Keep the legs straight when bending over the right leg till the chest is parallel to the floor. After that, reach the hands towards the floor while bending hands down more each time you exhale. Do the same routine with the other side.

The 9 yoga poses for weight loss above are very simple-to-follow and effective for your desire of losing weight and getting a flat belly. Start adding these exercises to your exercise regime to maintain a healthy weight and improve overall health naturally.

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