7 skin care tips for men only: men must know to get glowing skin

If you skin care routine includes mainly of good scrub with the same bar soap that is used under the arms, then it might be the exact time for you to upgrade your beauty care, with several tested-and-true skin care tips for men. This article from Wikiyeah.com will uncovers to you top 7 skin care tips for men to get glowing skin easily. Check out now!

7 Skin Care Tips For Men – Men And Beauty

Skin care tips for men

1. Invest In A Good Razor

The first one in this list of skin care tips for men you should know is to invest in a good razor. When it comes to shaving, women might be experts. Most of women have been shaving in a large portion of their bodies for many years. Therefore, we are prepped to share this most crucial of skin care tips for men: a good razor will be worth money you will not spend on cream or lotion for razor burn. If this sounds rather sketchy, you can try ditching the plastic disposables and making use of a $20 reliable razor for about 1 week and then see how it feels. You will not want to go back to plastic. I bet that. Whilst you are at it, skip the tin-can shave foam and then try the non-foamy shave cream or gel instead. [Read: how to get rid of acne at home]

2. Try A Little After Shave

This is one of the most useful skin care tips for men that you should acknowledge. In fact, aftershave can be just as efficient at soothing post-shave irritation, without no stink or sting. If you have just nicked yourself, then you should try Clinique’s Post-Shave Healer, and if you have not, you should try The Art of Shaving’s After-Shave balm, sandalwood or unscented. [Read: how to treat acne scars naturally]

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