7 skin care tips for men only: men must know to get glowing skin

3. Avoid Harsh Cleansers

When it comes to skin care tips for men, this should not be overlooked. There is no shame in admitting you hate the sting of soap in your eyes, or that rough patch of dry skin under your chin. Save the bar soap for your less-delicate areas, and if you’re using a stinging cleanser on your face, set it aside. Most people just need warm water on a clean washcloth, and many harsh cleansers can actually make skin  problems worse – like causing that dry patch of eczema on your chin.

4. Moisturize

Dry winter air could really dry the human skin, particularly if you love hot showers. Thus, it is necessary for men to make use of moisturizer for their face and lotion for their bodies. Women have entire beauty shops dedicated to lotions, yet there are some brands made only for men, without the Lemon Verbena/Sweet Pea/Rose Petal scent. So, men can take advantage of Anthony Logistics for Men’s Oil-Free Facial Lotion that can offer hydration without a flowery or fruity scent. [Read: natural homemade facial scrub recipes]

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