7 skin care tips for men only: men must know to get glowing skin

5. Don’t Overlook The SPF

If you do not want to look like Keith Richards upon you are about 40, then it is time for you to use a facial lotion with SPF built-in, or a wear the separate one. If you do not use such a broad-spectrum sun-block, you might have to suffer from wrinkle, leathery countenance, or even skin cancer. This is no joke because according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, males at the age of 15 to 39 are about 55% more likely to die from skin cancer than those women in the same group of age. It is considered as the 5th most popular form of cancer in men. In fact, the best way to prevent cancer is through avoid exposure to the harmful rays of the sun. Hence, from now, you need to slather on the built-in SPF. [Read: best anti aging tips for skin]

6. Be Brand-Savvy

If you are not totally happily imagining a lengthy trip to Sephora with your girlfriend or wife, so you should not worry because now you can stock up on every of the skin care essentials that you need right from the comfort of you personal space, with no “side trip” to The Gap. Besides, you need to read up several of the brands who have made males’ skin care a science, like Anthony Logistics for Men,Jack Black, Clinique for Men,The Art of Shaving,and Tom Ford. Then, you simply fill your cart and comfortably wait for the good to arrive.

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