7 skin care tips for men only: men must know to get glowing skin

7.  Avoid Guyliner

If you are not look like Keith Richards, or any other legitimate star in rock, then you should not wear “makeup for men”. This is a controversial advice when it comes to skin care tips for men, though there is a big section at Sephora.com dedicated to this stuff. However, according to the opinions of beauty experts, it is not essential – a little casual tweezing to nab that stray crazy eyebrow and you might not need brow pencil.

In fact, whilst no one is pointing out that there is nothing wrong with your current routine of skin care – wash up quick and apply deodorant, yet if you really want to get rid of a skin irritation or you are ready to get glowing skin, then give the skin care tips for men above a go. Or, perhaps you are now already a skin care expert, then share some skin care tips for men with us below this post. These are top 7 best skin care tips for men that every guy should acknowledge if they want to get healthy, young skin.

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