Sleep tracks review – is Yan Muckle’s guide scam or legit?

Before you read further this Sleep Tracks review, it is worth noting that this is an honest and unbiased review which will help you decide if this product is reliable or not.

In fact, Sleep Tracks, also called as “SleepTracks Sleep Optimization program”, is created by a former insomnia sufferer – Yan Muckle. This is a comprehensive program developed in 2007 to provide people with an alternative treatment for sleep disorders, particularly insomnia. The program is the brainchild of Yan for many years and is now refined by using the feedbacks of thousands of people worldwide who have been using it.

I will not make this Sleep Tracks review in the way like many other reviews out there which may just focus on selling the product. Actually, The Sleep Tracks Sleep Optimization Program is designed to mainly influence the electrical activity within the human brain in the form of brainwaves.

Sleep Tracks review – Learn to cure insomnia

When you enter the official website of Sleeptracks, you will find that the techniques introduced are based on brainwave entrainment. In essence, this method is scientifically studied that can get the listener’s brainwaves to synchronize with outside stimuli. Because the human sleep cycles are mainly controlled by the brain, so by influencing your brain, your sleep cycle will changed. Normally, a human brain needs to switch from the walking mode into sleeping mode to make a person fall asleep.

An inside of what you will experience when using this program:

You will listen to a rhythmic sound for a few minutes – it can be anything, for example, a drum beating at 5 beats each second – and focus on it, then there is something changed inside you. After several minutes, your own brain will begin to sync itself to that rhythm, and create more brainwaves vibrating at the same rate each second as what you hear. At the same time, your brain will mimic the waves of repeating sound. There are some types of brainwave entrainment, yet this program resorts the aural kind instead of the visual kind. And, this is very great as you do not need any expensive machines to make it really work. Just simply use the CDs / audio files and an iPad, iPhone, iPod, or a CD player to play them on. While you are trying to sleep, listen to them and your brainwaves will automatically synchronize themselves into good sleep.

According to a Frank, an experienced user of Sleep Tracks, he gained his sleep within just 6 days.

Some of my own opinions about this program: 

To be honest, Sleep Tracks program is not the one-size-fit-all product so it is not perfect and cannot help everyone because of insomnia is often triggered by so many different factors. However, the author – Yan Muckle – dare to say that the success rate of his product favorably stands the comparison with any insomnia audio or book, any sleep lab, and also any commercial drugs and pills on the current market. That is why completes this Sleep Tracks review to test this claim.

Basically, Sleep Tracks program contains an educational part and audio sessions which have undergone a few changes and improvements based on the recommendations and feedbacks of both sleep experts and real users. Sleep Tracks contains 3 critical steps for restored sleep, which are brainwave reboot, confidence reboot, and habit reboot. Learning these steps through unique audio sessions, your brain will reset its capacity to manufacture sleep-inducing brainwaves when necessary, you also emerge out of the fear of the vicious circle of sleep lost, and you let go of what destroys your health and your sleep in general.

In reality, everything in this system is especially designed to help people raise the bar: the audio session, the optimal sleep course, the sleep coaching by email. These all help people become more functional, healthier and better rested. According to the Karen Blaser, a Speech-language Pathologist in Ohio who used Sleep Tracks program, she reported that 99% of the time she is able to sleep over 7 hours. She also appreciated the Anxiety Ease CD coming with this program for its effectiveness for her mental health.

Sleep tracks review – full system
Sleep tracks review – full system

One of the greatest features about this Sleep Tracks program is that it allows you to choose the right track for yourself. The first track is Insomnia Buster, a 25-minute track for those who cannot sleep. You can listen to this track during the day so your own brains will be trained to fall asleep more quickly and easily at night. The second track is named Fall Asleep, which helps you fall asleep in just minutes. The next is Whole Night track which assists you in sleeping more fully and deeply during the night by simply keeping the brain moving in it’s the right cycle for all the night.

What You Will Get When Buying This Product?

When ordering the Sleep Tracks program, you will receive in total 6 components, including:

  • The Insomnia Buster audio session
  • The Fall Asleep track, the Whole Night
  • The Anxiety Ease, and the Power Nap
  • Some other sessions

There is a Fast Start guide for Sleep Tracks. This product is available in two versions: Digital version and CDs plus with digital.

After ordering, you will receive an email and a link to the member area of Sleep Tracks. So, you should make sure that you save that email. Right after logging in the member area, you will get a menu which gives you the directions to use the product, from the first steps to take, instructions to download the tracks and how to get the full support from author when you need.


Is There Any Risk When Using Sleep Tracks Program?

As an honest Sleep Tracks  review, I want to remind you that this new revolutionary program comes with a 60-day Money Back Guarantee to help you, as a user, have up to 2 months to try out it WITHOUT ANY RISK.

As a person who read many Sleep Tracks program reviews, I strongly recommend it to you due to its effectiveness. And, in case you are not satisfied with it, you still get your money back. So, why don’t give it a try? You have nothing to lose.

After reading the Sleep Tracks review, for more specific information about Yan’s program, CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE OFFICIAL SITE.