12 warning signs you spend too much time together

Have you ever heard that too much time together could lead to a disaster? Have you ever thought that perhaps you are spending too much time with your partner and that seems to negatively impact your relationship?

It may sound crazy, particularly if you have just entered a new relationship, but too much time together is a real recipe for a disaster. Why? Despite you are a couple, there are many things you need to do on your own. Also, you need your “alone time”. Too much time spent together could result in the opposite of what you may be expecting. There is a good chance that your partner will run away if you keep clinging to them. So, how much it is said to be “too much” when it comes to time spent together? If you are wondering how to tell if you are spending too much time together, then check out this list made by WikiYeah. Here we expose 12 warning signs you spend too much time together with your partner.

How To Tell If You Spend Too Much Time Together – 12 Red Flags

Spend too much time together

1. You Do Not Have Anything New To Talk About

One of the clearest signs you are spending too much time together is that there is not anything new to talk about when you are together. Spending almost every day of the week with your boyfriend means you two share everything from meals to entertainment time. Also, this means you do not have anything new to talk with him because he was always with you. You could not tell him what you ate for dinner or anything else because he also ate with you. So, give yourself time and get new experiences on you spare time.

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2. You And Your Partner Are Referred As The Same One

After a certain amount of time, if your friends and family talk about you as a couple instead of individuals, then it is one of signs you spend too much time together. If you share the same interests and hobbies, could not remember the last time you are invited to an event as an individual, then there is something you need to address.

Being an individual is very important as you are not your partner. Ask yourself why you partner fell in love with you. It is because you were you, not anyone else. You need to be even in your relationship.

3. You Do Not Know What To When Your Partner Is Not Around

If you have alone time but do not what to do when they are not around you, it is a red flag in your relationship warning that you spend too much time together. Take a step back. Absence can make the heart go fonder. Moreover, it is much easier to process your emotions and feelings about something or someone when you are away from your partner rather than immersed in the act of staying with them.

4. You Hate The Way Your Partner Breathes

If you find yourself get irritated at your partner for no apparent reason, it can be that you spend too much time together. Normally, couples need time apart in order to appreciate time together. Hence, if you start feeling that you are going to be mad at your partner’s sneezes, then it may be time for you to refresh with a little distance.

5. You Do Not Go Out Anymore

Date nights are important for maintaining romance and love alive in a relationship. They also help you remember what attracted the two of you to each other in the first stage of the relationship. If you could not remember the last time you dated your partner or saw him wearing anything apart from at-home clothes, you should arrange a date for refreshing your love.

6. You Take Each Other For Granted

When someone is familiar with the presence of you, he/she will think it is an obvious thing that you will always be with him/her. That case, he/she may be taking you for granted. Taking your significant other for granted could be a breeding ground for disappointment and irritation. If you have come to realize that your partner does not show his/her attention for your presence, then it might be time to begin assessing things.

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7. You Get Jealous Because Not Being In Constant Communication With Him

You are consistently in company with each other in daily life. Not only that, you also converse with one another over phone calls, text, whatsapp, etc. Well, despite communication is healthy, when you begin getting jealous when your partner does not text to tell you what he is doing right now every second, then you have got some problems.

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8. You Forget What Alone Time Is

If lately you cannot remember what alone time feels like, then you need to take a step back to see thorough your relationship. Quality time for yourself is important as time for other activities. Neglecting it will absolutely impact on your love life as well as yourself.

9. You Get Distant From Other People In Your Life

What is the last time you met your bestie? it is very easy to devote all of your time as well as energy to your partner when you are crazy about them. However, in regard to spending too much time together, it impacts not only on your romantic relationship but also your friendship and your family connection.

10. You Rarely Hear “I Miss You” From Your Partner

When someone says to you “I miss you”, it means that you have spent time apart. But, how could you say it if you spend all day long with your partner, and even throughout the week? It will be very nice to see you partner and tell them about what you have done in the day. The feeling of seeing them after a day of not meeting is really satisfying and great.

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11. Your Career Goes Down

Well, many of you can say that this is not a sign you spend too much time together, but in some aspects, it is true. Let me explain. Two partners in a relationship all need to grow in their careers separately, even though they have the same jobs. Because you are an individual, so you have a specific way of organizing and working. The same goes for your partner. Spending too much time together may inhibit both personal and career growth because the time which should be spent working has been spent doing something with your partner.

12. You Are Dependent

If recently, you feel you become dependent on your partner, it is time to ask yourself if you are spending too much time together or not. Dependency is not a bad thing, but in order to survive in this world, you need to be independent or just dependent on yourself. Just ask yourself that what will you do if you break up?

In relationships, there are both ups and downs. In the fighting time, you should be able to stand up on your feet. In order to do that, you should be independent and the only way to be that is to avoid spending too much time together.