9 stages of a relationship that all couples go through

Each relationship is totally different from others. And, the experience of love will never be the same. You might have been in a few relationships in your own life and the newer relationship might be different from the older ones. However, there are some traits about single relationship which blinds all relationships along a similar path.

Like this life, relationships all have their phases. It begins off with infatuation and goes along the way with some stages. This writing from Wikiyeah.com will help you have a better understanding about relationships and their phases through top stages of a relationship that most couples go through.

9 Stages Of Relationship – Couple Must Know

Stages of a relationship

1. The Infatuation Phase

When it comes to stages of a relationship, this is the initial stage that most relationships go through. It almost always begins with an intense attraction and the almost uncontrollable stimulation to be with each other. Most couples, at the beginning might be strongly attracted to each other, and just want cuddles with each other’s company. In this first stage, the two people will skip each other’s flaws and just concentrate on the good sides.

2. The Understanding Phase

With this second one in the list of stages of a relationship, both you will begin getting to know each other better. You will have long conversations with him or her which might be stretch later into the night. Via those conversations, you will discover everything about the interests of your partner, about his or her family, exes, and different innocent secrets. In this phase, life still seems romantic and beautiful. [Read: ultimate relationship killers]

3. The Disturbance Phase

This is one stages in a relationship that couples will go through . This phase often forces its way into a happy romance after several months of blissful courting. There will be disagreements, conflicts, or fights happening during this stage, even though it is sorted out rapidly. [Read: how men fall in love in a relationship]

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