9 stages of a relationship that all couples go through

4. The Phase Of Opinion Maker

This is one of the irreplaceable stages of a relationship. During this phase, the two of you will create your own opinions about the other person. When the time goes over, the two of you know what can expect from each other, and you make an assumption about the commitment of your partner toward the relationship.

As your opinions as well as expectations about your partner verify now and then in the real life, it might leave you depressed and ecstatic.

Sometimes, you do not expect him to purchase your favorite flowers, but then he does. That time, you feel so ecstatic. Concurrently, you might expect him to pick you up from the station on time, yet in fact, he does arrive one hour later because he forget picking you up. In this case, it will depress you. [Read: how to seduce a man in seconds]

5. The Moulding Phase

Everyone has their own expectations from their idea partner, so in this phase, the two of you will try to mould the other person in order to fit your own wants about the perfect partner. This phase could be considered as all about give and take, and both of partners will constantly try to convince the other person subtly to change their current behaviors toward the relationship. Fact is, it is a power struggle, and people could end the relationship if the two people are trying to domineer.

6. The Happy Phase

When it comes to stages in a relationship, this is one of the most reported phases. If the relationship can survive through the moulding stage, the two of you might have changed equally for each other and understood the expectations of the other person. During this phase, the relationship can cruise along perfectly and the two of you might be living the blissful world with each other.

This time, the two of you might feel like the other person is the perfect match. Even, you might decide to get engaged or get married. Besides, this phase is also the phase of attachment when the two of you really feel connected and love each other intensely. [Read: how to make a girl smile and love you]

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