9 stages of a relationship that all couples go through

7. The Doubts Phase

After a long period of time of loving each other, there might be doubts creeping in the relationship. The doubt intensity bases on how happy the two of you are in the relationship. During this time, maybe, one of you might start thinking of past relationships, exes, or any other prospective partners. You force your own happiness in life through your relationship. And, if you do not feel happy, you start blaming it on that relationship.

Sometimes, you compare your own relationship with many other couples as well as other relationships. Can your relationship survive through this stage? If yes, as long as that relationship is not repetitive and monotonous. [Read: how to impress a boy and make him like you]

8. The Exploration Of Sexual

During this phase, your sex life will start to play a pivotal role. Maybe, one of your will get disinterested into the physical intimacy or both of your sex drives might change. In this phase, you either give up on your interest in sex or you constantly look for the ways to make physical intimacy become more interesting and exciting.

9. The Entire Trust Phase

Last, when it comes to stages of a relationship, maybe this is the most wanted point of time that all couples want to experience. This is the happy phase when the two of you feel happy and trust each other entirely. However, concurrently, the unbreakable trust can also turn into the issue of taking each other for granted.

During this phase, the two of you will know the relationship’s direction and are completely find it easy to project the behavior and decisions of the other person. Nevertheless, with stability, this leads to the urge to take the other half for granted.

This final phase of love does not mean that there will not less appreciation towards each other as love is an intense emotion which could be rekindled by any other person at any time, once one of you fail to show off your romance to the partner.

These are 9 main stages of a relationship that most couples will experience. Every stage has its own meaning and role. Do not let the dark sides of these stages of a relationship scare of you. You had better acknowledge these stages to know how to take control of your relationship gracefully.

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