12 common stages of intimacy in dating couples go through

When it comes to relationships, there are many stages in a relationship people go through and the same goes for intimacy. Knowing what to expect when you progress via different stages of intimacy could help you be active in your relationship. The fact is, there is no right path towards intimacy. It could vary from person to person. However, in general, there is a common progression that people can follow. Here, we from Wikiyeah.com gather 12 common stages of intimacy in a relationship that people go through. Take a look!

What Are Common Stages Of Intimacy?

Stages of intimacy

1. Eye To Body

This is the first one when it comes to stages of intimacy. Attraction begins at the first glance. You notice your crush across the room and there is something making you think you want to get to know more about that person. There will be no specific action in this stage, just a slight spark of interest.

2. Eye To Eye

Without this stage, the relationship will not go anywhere. You may find the eyes of you two meeting one another’s, then you look quickly in the opposite direction before looking back to meet each other’s eyes again. You two both see a spark in the eyes of each other and a desire of getting to know one another.

3. Voice To Voice

The next step of stages of intimacy is speaking out with each other. This is where the real relationship starts. It is about verbal communication. You and your crush exchange names and phone numbers to arrange a date. To be honest, this should be a rather long stage – lasting for 1 month or more, having dates, emails, phone calls, texts, and other forms of communication. You will start getting to know each other’s likes and dislikes, their family, their favorites, and their habits. This is the time to start emotional bonding – when you can figure out if you can get along for a significantly long amount of time.

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