Stop the ringing in my ears (tinnitus) naturally – 12 home remedies

Ringing in the ears, also known as tinnitus, is an annoying problem impacting the ears, which could seriously damage the hearing ability of a person. This condition is characterized by ringing and other unpleasant noises within the ears. The sound might be constant or intermittent and could vary widely, from mild to severe cases. In those extreme cases, tinnitus could have dramatic effects on the sleep as well as concentration of a sufferer.

Actually, tinnitus is not reckoned as a life threatening problem, yet it impacts approximately 50 million people in the US, and 1-2 million of them so severely that they could not live normal lives. The precise causes of tinnitus might differ from case to case. Yet, some of the most common causes of tinnitus include:

• Defects of the auditory system
• Physiological origin
• Neurological origin

However, luckily, there are a number of natural ways that a person could take to make the condition more bearable. If you are looking for the answer for your question: “How to stop the ringing in my ears”, then take a look at the article below to discover 12 home remedies for tinnitus – from WikiYeah! Some information in this entry is referred from WebMD, Huffingtonpost, and Drweil.

Stop The Ringing In My Ears – 12 Home Remedies

Stop the ringing in my ears

1. Vitamin B12

One of the potential causes of ringing in the ears is deficiency of vitamin B12. So, it is very important to take enough supplements containing vitamin B12 in order to fight off this deficiency. In fact, vitamin B12 is also associated with some other core body functions such as memory as well as nervous system health.
To check whether or not you are lacking of vitamin B12, you can visit a doctor and take proper tests. Then, you will get advice about the adequate amounts of vitamin could be taken each day per the specific level of requirement. This vitamin is required just in a very little quantities and therefore taking about 2.4 grams per day is more than sufficient for curing ringing in the ears. To prevent further episodes of tinnitus, you should continue taking this vitamin.

2. Gingko Biloba

One of great Chinese herbs that can help treat ringing in the ears is Gingko Biloba. So, to answer your questions of stop the ringing in my ears, go for this herb. It is available in capsule form. The usual dose prescribed is about 60 mg each day.
It is recommended to consume Gingko Biloba daily till your tinnitus symptoms disappear. If you have any illnesses such as ear infections or blood pressure, then the ringing can be associated with that. In such cases, you should consult a herbalist before taking Gingko Biloba.

3. Magnesium

Similar to vitamin B12, the lack of magnesium is also the cause of ringing in the ears. Magnesium helps by supporting in the healthy development of tiny hairs protecting the eardrum, thereby helping you prevent foreign particles and too much noise. You had better take 240 mg of this mineral daily in order to prevent ringing in the ears.
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4. Garlic

One of the simplest home remedies for ringing in the ears is garlic. With anti-inflammatory as well as antibacterial properties, garlic could help treat both bacterial infections and resultant inflammatory reactions which could result in tinnitus. What you need to do is to extract the fresh juice of garlic and then strain it before putting 1-2 drops of garlic juice into the ears daily.
Alternatively, you could also use garlic oil for the same purpose. To get more benefits, you had better add more garlic to your daily diet to stop ringing in the ears more quickly.

5. Black Cohosh

It is said that low levels of serotonin within the body is another cause of ringing in the ears. To stop ringing in your ears, you had better take more black cohosh as it contains certain chemicals which go and bind to the serotonin receptors and stimulate it to release much more serotonin.
By this way, you will prevent ringing in the ears. However, you should take black cohosh with care and the right dosage of tincture. Consult an herbalist before taking it.

6. Aromatherapy

If you are suffering from a severe case of tinnitus, then consider aromatherapy. Most aromatherapy oils are fragrant and helpful in boosting the blood circulation to the chest, neck and head, which will in turn help alleviate the ringing and supplying great relief to the sufferer.
Among oils used for aromatherapy, you can use lemon oil, cypress oil, rosemary oil, and so on. Those oils could be used when combined together or separately for massaging the neck, chest and head. As an alternative, you could also use a vaporizer for heating the chosen essential oil and inhaling the fumes in order to relieve unpleasant sensations within the ears.

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7. Feverfew

Among home remedies for ringing in the ears, feverfew is a natural herb featuring with anti-inflammatory properties that are known to be beneficial for infections and diseases. The feverfew tincture could be taken with the guidelines of herbalists. Nevertheless, this treatment could be dangerous for those pregnant women or those who are breast feeding. Also, it is not recommended for kids. Feverfew is also not good for those using blood thinning medications because it has blood-thinning properties.

8. Ginger

Because ginger is great for improving blood circulation within the body, so it is one of natural effective home remedies for ringing in the ears. By taking high doses of ginger, you can increase the blood circulation to your ears and stop the noises within your ears. It is recommended to take 2 pieces of ginger per day and chew it down the throat. Or, you could also make ginger tea and then drink it 3-4 times per day.

9. Hawthorne

With antioxidant properties and having bioflavonoids, hawthorne can help improve blood circulation and decrease blood pressure. Also, it can treat low blood pressure. The hawthorn tincture could be taken if your tinnitus problem is associated with the lack of blood circulation or high or low blood pressure.

10. Wax Removal

Accumulation of earwax could sometimes block blood circulation and result in ringing in the ears. In case that this is your problem, then you should remove the excess earwax from the ear canal in order to stop the discomfort. Use olive oil or mineral oil to help you do this. Just simply slightly warm the oil and then add several drops of oil into your ears.
Try to keep your ears lifted up and let the oil to melt earwax. Leave the oil overnight to get better effects. The next morning, you rinse it with warm water a few times to help eliminate melted chunks. You had better keep your ear opening in the downward position for several minutes so that your earwax could easily slide out.

11. Perform Some Exercises For Tinnitus

Did you know that poor blood circulation in the ears is a cause of ringing in the ears? Then, it is necessary for you to work it out. It means that, with little exercise like daily walking, could help you hush the din. Make sure that you get the approval as well as advice of your doctor first.

However, in common sense, some of the best exercises for those with tinnitus to perform are:

# Exercise 1:
• Sit upright, bow the head to the front so that the chin contacts with the chest
• Intertwine the fingers of and keep it at the back of the head
• Pull the head back whilst letting the intertwined hands oppose that rear movement. Avoid exerting
• Repeat the routine 3-5 times for twice per day to relax the spinal chord. This will help relieve ringing in the ears effectively

# Exercise 2:
• Open the jaws wide without over exerting
• While the jaws open widely, you touch the roof of the mouth with your tongue tip
• Move the tip of the tongue in backward direction, and whilst it touches your mouth roof, you keep for several seconds before pulling the tongue out of the mouth and stretching it maximally. Keep that position for several seconds.
• Repeat the routine 4-5 times

# Exercise 3:
• Stand in front of the mirror, support the chin with hands and open the mouth wide
• Use the tongue tip to touch the top of the mouth, move your jaws up and down slowly. Supply a little bit resistance to your moving jaws with the hands
• This move should be done for 1 minute and repeated a few times per day

12. Avoid Some Specific Foods

In addition to applying the home remedies above, you should avoid some tips below:
• Decrease consumption of salt: excess salt might increase water retention within the body, thereby increasing the blood flow to your ears and creating pressure on your auditory system. This aggravates tinnitus.
• Avoid fats: eliminate or avoid the foods that could boost cholesterol like egg yolks, fatty meats, sausages, oil or margarine based hydrogenated oil, or butter. You should replace it with the oils that are high in omega-4, unsaturated fats or linoleic acid.
• Avoid allergens like chocolate, milk, avocado, ripe bananas, cheese, soybeans, and several citrus fruits as they are common allergens causing tinnitus
• Avoid stimulants like tea, alcohol, cigarettes

There, you have discovered the comprehensive answer for your question: “How to stop the ringing in my ears naturally?” This article hopefully can help you find out the right solution for your health problem and get rid of tinnitus symptoms fast and naturally.