What are early signs and symptoms of breast cancer in women?

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When it comes to breast cancer symptoms, the most common is a new lump or mass. A hard, painless mass which has irregular edges tends to be more likely to be cancerous, yet breast cancers could be soft, tender, or rounded.

Symptoms of breast cancer
Symptoms of breast cancer

Signs And Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

In fact, it its early stages, breast cancer often has no symptoms. When a tumor develops, you might note the signs below:

• A lump in the breasts and underarm which persist after your menstrual cycle. This is usually one of the initial apparent symptoms of breast cancer. Lumps often associated with breast cancer are painless, in normal, though some might lead to a prickly sensation. Those lumps are visible on a mammogram long before they could be felt and seen.

• Tenderness or pain within the breasts. Though lumps are often painless, tenderness could be a sign of breast cancer.

• Swelling within the armpit

• A recognizable flattening or indentation on your breasts, indicating a tumor that could not be felt or seen.

• Changes in the contour, size, texture, or temperature of your breasts. A pitted, reddish surface like the orange’s skin can be a sign of more advanced breast cancer.  [Read: home remedies for bacterial vaginosis]

• Changes in nipples, like a nipple retraction, itching, dimpling, ulceration, a burning sensation. A scaly rash of nipples that might be associated with the underlying breast cancer.

• Nipple which is turned slightly inverted or inward

• Unusual discharge from the nipples which might be bloody, clear or another color. That is often resulted by benign conditions yet could also be because of cancer in some certain cases.

• A skin area like marble

• Enlargement of one breast

• Vaginal pain

• Unintentional weight loss

• Visible veins on the breasts

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When To Call Your Doctor?

Once you notice the symptoms of breast cancer above, you should see your doctor right away.

You had better call your doctor once one of your breasts develop an abnormal lump or persistent pain, or feel or look abnormal. The real cause usually is something other than cancer yet should be identified. Or, you might have swollen lymph glands, or enlarged lymph nodes within the armpits. Any type of such swelling can be associated with breast cancer.

In case you have no symptoms of breast cancer, regular screenings are always crucial. Your doctor could check for breast cancer before you have any noticeable signs. Pay more attention to your breast cancer symptoms if you have any close family member diagnosed with breast cancer. [Read: cancer symptoms in women]

Depending on the kind and stage of cancer, cures could vary. Nevertheless, there are a few common practices doctors as well as specialists use to defeat breast cancer, which are chemotherapy, mastectomy, lumpectomy, radiation, and targeted and hormone therapy.

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