5 Techniques to Get Her Phone Number (Increase Your Chance of Seeing Her Again)

Perhaps, the question: how to get a girl’s phone number is the most common question that guys have. It is tough to impress a girl in these days because there is a huge competition.

Nonetheless, the first step to impress a girl is to get her phone number. This article will show you worked techniques to get her phone number in a way that will impress her and increase your chance of seeing her again and impress her:

Increase Your Chance Of Seeing Her Again With 5 Techniques To Get Her Phone Number

Techniques to get her phone number

1. Put Your Names into Her Phone – ALWAYS

This is a must-take technique to get her phone number. In fact, if a girl sees your phone number calling without knowing that it is yours, then she will never answer your call or respond to your message.

2. Choose A Funny Nickname When Putting Your Name Into Her Phone

This technique will expand the no.1 and goes beyond it. Assume that she is going out with her family or friends and gets a call or message from “someone” that she does not remember, it is not surprising that she will probably not pay attention to that message or answer that call.

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3. Remember: The Best Sale Does Not Like a Sale At All

This technique is based on psychology. The best sale does not feel like a sale and getting her phone number is also the same. Your target is to get her phone number, but you should make it effortless and natural.

However, remember that getting her phone number also impacts several things like:

  • It impacts the chance of getting her phone number
  • It impacts the frequency and the way she thinks about you later
  • It impacts the possibility that she answers your text message or phone call
  • It impacts how warm she will meet you
  • It impacts whether or not she sees you as a provider, friend or lover

Since the way you ask for and get her phone number impacts many things related to the relationship between her and you, it is crucial for you to handle things the right way.

4. Leave Your Voicemail for Her after Getting Her Number

One of secret techniques to get her phone number to increase your chance of seeing her again is to leave a voicemail when being with her in person right after getting her phone number. This will warrant that you get the right phone number and remind her of how much happy she enjoyed when meeting you. Make sure that your voicemail is energetic and fun so you can make a good and strong impact.
In case there are her friends around you when you get her number, you can also have them say something with you on the voicemail.

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5. Tell Her about Your Rules of Talking to You When You Call Her

This is a mental rehearsal technique. For instance, you can tell her (in a funny way) that if you are about to take her phone number, she has to agree to being excited upon answering your phone call. This sounds strange when it comes to techniques to get her phone number but this will condition her to feel an actual sense of feeling excited upon getting your phone call. She is also increasingly attracted to you each / every time you call.

If possible, you can practice the calling-answering with her when being still in person. If during your practice, she does not get enthusiastic or excited enough, you could make her know that you are not about to call her. You need to make her accept it perfectly.

There you have discovered 5 secret techniques to get her phone number to increase your chance of seeing her again. Do you have any other worked techniques? If yes, share with us in the comment section below!