6 deadly texting mistakes that new couples often make

Thanks to the development of technology nowadays, we have different means to communicate with each other. In dating, technology has changed it drastically. Rather than calling, people often text. Rather than meeting people directly at bar, they meet each other online. All of these things change the way people date, even some of them do not realize it. However, as a result, dating these days becomes a little bit confusing more than ever.

Why I said that? Because texting becomes one of the easiest forms of communication, you may find yourself taking its advantage whenever you want to communicate your significant other. However, are you inadvertently damaging your current relationship through your texting habits?

Here, we, from Wikiyeah.com, gather some of the most common but deadly texting mistakes that new couples make. This entry refers some information from Gurl. Take a look to check out if you make some of them or not!

Texting Mistakes New Couples Make In A Relationship – 6 Most Common Pitfalls

texting mistakes that new couples often make
1. Too Soon, Too Often

This is considered one of the most common texting mistakes that new couples make in a relationship. It might be rather accurate to say that one of you or even both of you are excited about getting to know each other. And, it is all natural to talk often about something that you are interested in. However, if you always text, even 24/7, then you need to slow it down, seriously.

Just put yourself in other’s shoes. Imagine that you are the person who receives tons of messages from your partner, like announcing he is awake, he is drinking coffee, he is playing sport, he is at the gym, he is eating dinner with his friends, blah blah…, how exhausted you will be to read all of these messages in just one day? So, do not be that person. Do not flood your new flame with your life’s trivialities!

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2. Become Too “Predictable”

When dating someone new, they say that they are having a hangout with their boys house”, and you text back that “Are there just boys??” “When will you come back home?” or something else detective, is this sound crazy?

This is one of the most ignored texting mistakes new couples make in a relationship. There are some certain behaviors people do which are reckoned to be crazy. Do not insist on asking questions that sound like from an investigator. You are not their mom, or their babysitter, or a police officer. You are just a new lover of them. So, be romantic, not frantic.

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3. Send Selfie Too Much

It is totally okay to show your significant other your attractive sides through selfies. However, remember that when dating someone new, physical attraction does not matter much as they are already into you. So, why you have to bother with sending tons of daily selfies if you are looking for a serious relationship when two people are really getting to know each other?

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4. Send Novel-Like Texts

In early stages of a relationship, we often have many awesome stories to tell with each other. However, sending a-few-hundred-character texts to your new significant other is not a good way to go. Not all of us know great storytelling techniques. Do you acknowledge that Twitter just allows tweets within 140 characters? There must be reason behind that rule. Remember, less is more. If you have much more things to say, then pick up your phone and talk. Just simple like that!

Nobody wants to read a long text from their partner just about how their colleagues argue with them fiercely just about something. So, if you want to share your stories with your lover, then why not pick up your phone and talk, or better yet wait till you two meet up so you have more time to tell?

5. Send Pointless Text Just For Keeping The Conversation Going

Well, this is not rare when it comes to texting mistakes new couples make in a relationship. One of the most annoying texts you can get is the dreaded “K.” So, why?  It is because it is not necessary for your partner, and for two of you, it does not add anything to the current conversation.

So, do not send pointless texts just to help keep the conversation going. Your significant other does not need to be reminded that you exist through such filler texts. It is better for you to send something meaningful like a funny, short story or something more interesting.

In case you cannot come up with anything, then accept the silence. Give your partner a little space and yourself too.

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6. Fight Through Texts

When texting, you could just assume you hear the tone of your partner is using as you have an argument. However, for those in a new relationship, or even any relationship, fighting through text messages is absolutely not a good idea.

Texts do not show off all attitudes and meanings that a person wants to send.  Moreover, when fighting, you often text wrongly dictation, like “I dont give a ghit!” or something else. The time you spend on trying to correct your wrong texts are the time you wasted. Why don’t use your gentle and calm voice to get your partner understanding your point and avoid an unnecessary argument right at the beginning?