The art of saying no: 12 tips on how to say no & not feel guilty

4. Supportively Give An Alternative

Well, we are totally not 4 years old children and there will be no need to shout “No” at someone and charge off in the opposite direction. It is great for you to recognize people’s humanity and let them know that you appreciate the importance of their demands though you still could not help. An idea is that you could tell to that person about another time of doing this work. If you really want to open the door to deep discussion of helping in the near future, then you should state that you wanna help and let the person know what is currently stopping you. You can ask: “Could we work together on this?”

5. Get Over The Guilt

When saying no, with peace and love in the heart rather than fear and guilt, you are fully responsible and embracing your destiny.

6. Make Sure You Are Actually Saying “No”

The next tip of the art of saying no is to make sure that you are really saying “NO”. You had better make no mistake about this, “No” is really a powerful word which you should not be afraid to wield. If you say no, you should avoid some phrases like “I do not think I can” or “I am not certain.” Instead, you should use limp phrase rather than saying no might be considered a yes. When it is the right time to say no, just simple say no. [Read: how to live a simple life]

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