The art of saying no: 12 tips on how to say no & not feel guilty

7. Stop Talking

As mentioned earlier in the previous tip of the art of saying no, if you want to say no, simply say no. Do not offer any a ‘but” as if you are not allowed to stand up for your demands as well as priorities. The more you talk, the more you might try to make your own feel better and not guilty for your answer. Live with the reality of your answer “No” and get clear of what you are saying “Yes” to within your own life in exchange. [Read: how to overcome depression and anxiety]

8. Suck It Up

There are some things that you have to do. So, it is better for you to get over it, and get it done well. Do not waste your own energy on procrastination, avoidance, anger or any other negative emotions or inner discussion. Sometimes, the paper will not get written, the bathroom will not get cleaned and the dog might not get walked if you do not do it. Hence, do not debate it. Just put it on the list and simply cross it off.

9. Practice Makes Perfect

When it comes to the art of saying no, it is necessary for you to practice to do it more so that you could be a master of this. Nothing could be perfect without practice. Have your “No” phrases as ready as your own business cards. Just simply keep them handy and honest. It is very crucial to make your own comfortable with saying no.

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