The art of saying no: 12 tips on how to say no & not feel guilty

10. You Decide Where To Draw The Line

Whether it is where to charity, or when texting is allowed at the table, several situations might lead to guilt or friction due to your action and decision. You need to create some boundaries ahead of time. And, articulate the rules when you have a clear, calm head. Then, when you need to take action (by saying no), they will be in your “reach”. Pick the battles, yet be well prepared to win them. [Read: time saving tips for busy people ]

11. Be Prepared To Repeat Yourself

If you say no and the other party pushes back, what you should do is to repeat yourself. This is easier to do if you recognized beforehand that it is usually necessary. In several cases, you might have to repeat yourself more than just one times. If you gave an explanation with the original response, you could repeat the explanation or say no again. Do not back yourself into such a corner by explaining yourself further. It is your right to say no to any request and you will usually need to be firm to have your intentions understood.

12. Putting These Strategies To Work

Saying no to such a new commitment will honor your existing commitments and offer you the chance to successfully fulfill these commitments. Saying no could certainly open the doors. Thus, do not hesitate to say no if you feel it is necessary. You have your own demands and no one could be responsible for your life but you.

The above are 12 tips of the art of saying no. Consider them and start making use right instantly. You will soon be a master of saying no while keeping your good image in the eyes of other people.

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