The art of storytelling in a relationship: 7 storytelling techniques

Storytelling actually is not just something belonged to the pastime of kids. In a relationship, it is a deal maker. Therefore, knowing the art of storytelling always benefit you in your relationship.

In fact, storytelling does not always have to be involved in farfetched stories. In a relationship, it is close to the art of communication. The way you explain something to your lover will make a big difference between a boring lover and an interesting one. When you relate something with your partner, you always want to try to express what you need to say from the point of view of your partner. And, oftentimes, you partner does not know anything about what you intend to say. Hence, when telling something, you had better begin right from the first place even though you already acknowledge the exciting end of the story. [Read: the art of saying no]

You should not go into details at the beginning as that might make your partner confused. By rushing through your anecdote or overlooking interesting and great details, you will end up boring your lover soon, or your lover will just wait for you to complete the story to do something more crucial.

Before I reveal top key tips of the art of storytelling in a relationship, you had better know that rather than trying to convey the idea, you should initially make it exciting and interesting to your partner – the person who is listening to your story. Make your partner feels involved in everything in the story you are telling. When you could do that, the conversations and stories between the two of you will be alive and exciting.

It is said that storytelling is really a perfect way to weave stories that will keep your relationship interesting, exciting and fun as well. It will make the moments that the two of you spend together more memorable and interesting. [Read: how to seduce a man in seconds]

Of course, the art of storytelling will take time for you to be a master in. And, there are many storytelling techniques that you need to learn, yet as long as you keep mind these top key tips, you will find it much easier to build such great stories, warming up your relationship quickly.

The Art Of Storytelling – Top 7 Key Storytelling Techniques

The art of storytelling

1. Begin Fresh

This is the most important tips on the art of storytelling. You had better look at the whole picture as a blank slate with nothing on it. When firstly say something to your lover or anyone else, you should remember that they do not have any idea about what you are going to talk about. [Read: how to make a girl smile and like you]

2. Keep Being Vivid

After beginning the story interestingly, you then need to go into details and create such more detailed and interesting picture of the story for your lover to witness. That way, explain the scenario initially so your partner could mentally figure out the picture that you are mentioning about. It can make your story much more interesting. [Read: unspoken relationship rules]

3. Take Time For It

Storytelling, in reality, is not something you could use every time you relate. It is necessary to mention that in a relationship, it is the romantic art bringing the two of you closer. Yet concurrently, explaining things in the story form needs time. Hence, if the two of you are busy or in a hurry, you should not do storytelling as that just ends up with boring and sounding irritable. [Read: body language signs of attraction]

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