9 clear signs it is the right time to say I love you

It is said that deciding the right time to say I love you is similar to finding out the right wire to cut upon diffusing a bomb. The feeling is really stressful and could mean love, death or life.

Saying “I love you” too late or too soon will damage most effort you have put into the relationship. Well, the majority of people want to know romantic ways to say I love you, but here, we want to introduce to you another aspect of the topic: signs it is the right time to say I love you. It means that we focus on timing. Most people think that time is basis for saying those great words. However, you should know that there is no specific right time to say I love you. Yet, there are still some points of time when you should and should not say it. Here, we from WikiYeah introduce to you some useful tips to consider:

9 Signs It Is The Right Time To Say I Love You – When You Should Say?

The right time to say I love you

1. Not After The First Times You Two See Each Other Or First Date

It is safer for you to avoid saying I love at this point. It is too soon to say you love a stranger as you hardy know that person well. You may say that it is love at first sight, but it depends on you to decide whether or not you are willing to take a risk.

2. When You Trust Them

Oftentimes, love does not come until after you really trust your date. By that time, you could say those romantic words without second guessing. Despite future could not be projected and we will never know what could occur after, it feels safer to say it to the person whom you really trust.

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3. Not Around The Physical Intimacy

Before, during and after your sexual activity are the right time to say I love you. Despite this advice, unluckily, physical intimacy is considered as one of the most mind-altering acts that anybody could do. It can strengthen intimacy and bond between two people, yet it also allows you to experience the precise feeling of being in love.
So, the right time to say I love you is not the time you are on an orgasmic high. This will help you avoid misunderstanding between romantic love and lustful love.

4. When Your Mind Is Clear

Of course, the right time to say I love you is when your own mind is free from stress or hopped up hormones. When you feel ignored or needy, it is not right to take these little words to manipulate an answer from your special person. Using those words to make a person like you seems just work in movies.
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5. When It Generally Feels Right

One of the most common tips of romantic experts is this one. And, they are right. Putting limitations on yourself will just result in more heartache. That is because there is a big chance it can backfire, and you may blame yourself due to it. Stop thinking about why to do or not do it as you want to.

Now, you may want to know more detailed information about signs it is the right time to say I love you. Then, check out some most noticeable signs you should look from below:

1. Rollercoasters, Butteflies, Backflipping, Hippogriffs

This is one of the easy markers for you to notice when it comes to signs it is the right time to say I love you. That loopy feeling is the way your body says. However, if it is loopy feeling in your underwear, then you may be mistaking it for another feeling. Those butterflies in your soul are a signal that one thing is for sure – that person light up your life.

2. You Have No Doubt About It

Do you feel that when thinking about it you feel excited? Yes. Does it scare you? No. And, you are not thinking about why you should not say it, right? Well, is the right time to say I love you – when you just simply know that it is totally okay to say I love you even when you do not get the response that you are always expecting. That is true love – without desiring anything in return.

3. You Are Not Expecting Anything Bad To Occur

This might be one of the clearest signs it is the time to say I love you. Most of the time, the worst way about saying I love you is wondering about the bad things that could happen once you do. The person you express your love to may not say it back. They may think you go too fast. If that is how you imagine about it, then you might be not ready to be in a relationship. Imaging any bad contexts makes it rather useless, even when you say it out loud.

4. You Could Not Stop Yourself

When you could not stop yourself from thinking about the person you love or even could not stop thinking about saying “I love you”, it is rather clear that your heart is saying what it feels. To explain for this uncontrollable urge, it is because there is nothing left to say except for this. You are really in love. Yet, bear in mind that if you do not feel any of other signs mentioned above, the reason you say those little words may not be the right one.

Generally, there is no specific way and time that is entirely right when it comes to saying I love you. Regardless of the time and the place that this saying has been spoken out, it needs to be true. And, in order to decide if that is true, you should look deep inside yourself and then see if the feeling you are experiencing is really love or not. Besides, you also need to consider if that person or that relationship is worth investing your strong emotion into or not.