14 things a woman does when she is in love with you

Guys, women are not as complicated as we used to think. They could be very obvious once you know how to read the signs. A typical woman could say one thing while she means the other. It may be confusing for you, guys. However, it is about gestures. Actions can speak louder than words.  If you feel like a woman is in love with you, it will be shown through her behaviors. These are 14 things a woman does when she is in love with you that Wikiyeah.com wants to share!

14 Things A Woman Does When She Is In Love With You

Things a woman does when she is in love with you

1. She Distances Herself From Other Guys

Because the woman has her own eyes on you, so she will not pay attention to any other guys anymore. If there are guys who always text her in order to win her love and she does not reply to them, then congratulate, it is because of you. When she signals exclusivity to you, she may think you are worth investing her effect and time into. In fact, it is just something people do when they are seriously falling in love with someone.

2. She Makes Plans For The Two Of You

Those plans could be small or big. Small ones include the dates or weekend meetings for you two. On the other hand, large plans may be weekend trips, full vacations and family events. She plans something for herself but also includes you in such places, then it is one of the things a woman does when she is in love with you.

3. She Accepts Your Flaws And Weird Antics

No one is perfect. So do you. Regardless of all of your flaws and weird antics, or your unattractive qualities, she still accepts the person who you are. She acknowledges that when being in a relationship with you, she will get the whole package of such things. If you realize such things from her, then she is into you.

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4. She Gives You Meaningful Gifts

Gifts can speak a lot of things, particularly when they are from a woman. If a woman gives you a present, then she may put some special thought into it about how much she thinks and cares for you.  The gift does not have to be expensive. It can be something that signals she is into you, communicates her affection without mentioning to money. Giving you a gift of thought means that she invests her time, effort, and money to the thing that she knows you will love. It does not have to be expensive, but meaningful.

5. She Tries To Spend As Much Time With You As She Could

Another one when it comes to many things a woman does when she is in love with you is her effort to spend time with you. The time spent with you is very happy for her, so she always tries to be with you as much as possible. Meanwhile, she also understands that you need for privacy and occasional time, but she cannot resist her want to meet you.

6. She Does A Lot Of Little Things For You

In reality, women do not go out of their way to do tons of small favors for everyone. If your woman does a lot of little things for you, then this is a sign you are always on her mind. It also means that she puts much of her thought into your happiness.

7. She Tries To Catch Your Attention

When a woman falls in love with you, she may try her best to catch your own attention. For example, she will not take your phone call a certain day, she will cancel plans without announcing, or she will stop going with the group in order to walk alone when you two are hanging out with your mutual friends. All of what she does aims to get your notice and give her some importance to you.

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8. She Shows Jealousy When You Talk To Other Women

One of the clearest things a woman does when she is in love with you is showing jealousy when you talk to other women. She gets mad at you because you give another woman attention.

9. She Is Not Afraid Of Acting Silly When Being Around You

We all have a weird side and we just reveal it when we are comfortable with the ones we are with. If she is really in love with you, she will be not afraid of being silly around you. She will not maintain the poise that she shows when being with other normal people.

10. She Get Sad When You Are Not Around Her

If she is always miserable whenever you are not with her, then she loves you so much and gets lots of joy from you. Whenever she is not around you, she just thinks about when to see you again.

11. She Opens Herself Up To You

A woman who opens herself up to you without feeling shy is into you. When a woman is comfortable enough to open up to you about her emotions and feelings, but does not open up to anyone else, then she may fall in love with you. She just expresses her true feelings and thoughts to the special person she cares about.

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12. She Tries To Look Her Best When Being With You

Though she is comfortable with you, it does not mean that she is not self-conscious. A woman who is in love with you always wants to warrant that she looks her best when being with you. Also, she wants to behave the best in front of you and tries to do anything to get your attention because she falls in love with you.

13. She Asks Many Questions About Your Life

If a woman is attracted to you, then she would ask a lot of questions about your life. Those questions will range from small things like you favorite activities, your hobbies to bigger issues such as your career and your future plans. She will demand further explanation from you when your answers are not enough detailed as her curiosity.

14. She Often Starts A Conversation

Oftentimes, men are the ones who take the initiative in a certain conversation. They may ask some polite questions and raise a specific topic as a conversation theme. Hence, if you feel that she often starts a conversation than normal, it may be that she has been developing a special feeling towards you.