15 things that damage even the strongest relationship

Once a relationship future is always questionable, then anything you do or do not do can lead to the end of it. A bad relationship will never turn sour overnight. There are small things happening every day that tend to creep in, finally turning your relationship into a nightmare. To help you acknowledge what are potentially or secretly damaging your relationship, here we from Wikiyeah.com list down 15 things that damage even the strongest relationship. Check out below!

Things That Damage Even The Strongest Relationship – 15 Things To Avoid

Things that damage even the strongest relationship

1. An Imbalance In Bedroom

Admit it or not, physical intimacy in the bedroom has its great importance in creating a special bond between two individuals. Your physical flaws are exposed to your partner and they accept you, and even love you for them. It keeps your relationship fun and alive. If two of you have a different view and opinion in terms of this issue, you will see how keeping physical intimacy off the table will impact things in your relationship in general. If you keep your partner deprived from something that they always want, they may do the same to you.

2. Gradual Reduction In Intimacy

When it comes to things that damage even the strongest relationship, the steady decrease in intimacy may be the most dangerous, be it physical intimacy or showing your love in public (PDA). Not being intimate enough could steadily build up the negativity over time. There are many factors in a romantic relationship and taking any one of the whole picture will disturb the balance. Anything in your relationship holding two of you together will increase the affection for one another. If stopped would lead to devastating results. So, be close to your partner, physically, emotionally and mentally.

3. Not Sharing Your Feelings

Don’t ever think that you are doing someone a favor by not voicing your feelings or opinions. You may save yourself from a certain argument, yet nagging you all the time will just lead to a later blast of feelings. Thus, you had better keep things from coming to that. In relationships, both involved people should feel free to share their feelings if they have been hurt in a certain way and are not happy with something. If you are not willing to let go of certain things, then do not suppress you opinions or feelings.

4. You Start Slacking After Having Them

This sounds hard to accept. You have already put in so much to gain them and now you feel it is enough, so you start taking them for granted, even unconsciously. Remember that getting in a relationship is not as difficult as maintaining a healthy relationship. You could not take someone for granted for any reason. Taking your partner for granted will quickly make things dull and boring. Don’t stop do the same thing you did in order to get them. Nobody likes to be taken for granted, and you too, right?

5. Being Too Clingy

Of course, you love them and want them to be happy at all cost. Everything they want, you are willing to do. Yet, in order to build a healthy relationship, you should know how to put yourself before everyone now and then. Even the love that you always want. You do not have to feel guilty about it. Do not lose yourself just because of loving your partner. It is very great to function as a happy couple, but you also need to focus on your individual needs too.

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6. Playing Mixed-Signal Games

In regard to things that damage even the strongest relationship, playing mixed-signal games might be most common. You either want to be with your partner, or you do not. That is simple. If you tell your partner that you love them but not acting like, then you are just making them confused. They will not be able to trust you. For example, if you act smitten now and then, and sometimes act out of the blue, that just makes a fool out of them. Make sure that want them and also want to keep them. Do not play with someone’s emotions and feelings.

7. Not Sticking To The Routine

It is okay to have a few days of lazy dates where both of you just stay in house and watch film or nothing else. Yet, avoid overdoing it. Bore will secretly damage your relationship, even it is the strongest one. Go out and do things together. Otherwise, your partner will think that this is the single thing you are ever doing together, which in turn will make them question about the future of your relationship. A great suggestion is to planning some new experiments for your dates. Do something that your partner always talks about now and then, even when you have never done it previously and vice versa.

8. Not Supporting Your Partner

Not patronizing your partner is also considered as one of the things that damage even the strongest relationship. This should not even be listed down here. It is insulting for people in relationships. However, there are still some people do it to their partner. You should not be the one who makes your partner feel like they are not really good enough or being ignored. No one is perfect and there will be things that your partner does not know or is not so good at doing. The same goes for you. Yet, you should help them out with it instead of making them feel like an outcast. Help them become a better version of themselves, but not trying to change them according to your wants. They would not only love but also respect you much more for it.

9. Trust Issues

Problems with trust are the culprit of relationship failure. Do not ever give anyone an opportunity, particularly your partner, to lose trust in you. Gaining trust after lost is much harder than building trust. It takes both time and effort to make someone trust you, but it even takes much more of that to regain trust from them. Hence, if you say something, then keep your own promises. Of course, there will be times when you do not mean to break your promises, yet it is still bound to occur. That case, explain yourself properly and then make up for it afterwards. How you deal with them matters most.

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10. Being Selfish In Bedroom

Relationships teach people not to be selfish, even in the bedroom. It is about sharing interests. That does not exempt physical intimacy. You had better not ignore the needs of your partner and only focus on yours in the bedroom. Actually, the experience is much better when you two are all satisfied. If they do something you like, then do not hold back in return your favor. Furthermore, be generous.

11. Forgetting To Prioritize

Not acknowledging your partner or your relationship around other people is one of the things that damage even the strongest relationship. If you have not been forbidden to see your partner by something or someone like their family, then you have no excuse to not be admitting and open to dating them. If you do not accept them in front of other people, you are sending them the idea that you are not probably sincere or ashamed of them. If it is not either of the two things mentioned above, then you should have no trouble owning them in public. There are a million things to do to keep your relationship that may just be convenient, yet not paying close attention to it could lead to your partner feeling dissatisfied and ignored.

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12. Grievances Or Holding On To The Past

If there is something bothering you, then talk it out – discuss it – handle it – move on. There are some things you should not afraid to say in a relationship. Grievances can secretly damage your relationship later on. Do not carry that kind of baggage around you. Holding on to the past does no good for your relationship. What you cannot deal with right at the beginning might get out of your control afterwards. The damage control becomes harder. Resentment will changes you attitude towards your partner and everything your partner does seems to bother you so much and consequently, you begin feeling differently for them. These are red flags of the relationship trouble. Do not take it lightly!

13. Future Plans Not At The Same Page

Regarding to things that damage even the strongest relationship, contrasting plans of the future is the clearest. You are both permitted to chase what you want. If it is something that could not be managed whilst being with one another and neither of you is ready and willing to give up your wants, then you two should reconsider the relationship. It is one of signs you are not ready to be in a relationship. This is not something that should be taken lightly or put aside to be discussed, particularly at the later stage of a relationship. So, try to come up with a real solution which does not impact either you or your partner.

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14. Continually Picking Up Fights

Despite arguments are healthy for relationships that help involved people understand each other more, when you begin picking up arguments or fights with your partner for no reason at all, it is not healthy anymore. What you are doing is just pushing them away from you. They will start thinking about your interest to them. When you are not necessarily on the same page with them, then you should not try to counter all words they say.

15. Never-Ending Whining

Last but not least serious, ever-lasting whining about something, be it family, traffic, neighbor, or even economy-related issues (particularly if it is not something significant to your relationship) is very irritable. Stop doing so instantly. Not even the most patient individual can keep up with your amount of whining.

If something is meant to occur, it will occur sooner or later without escape. All you can do is making the best of what you are having. And, if you could not make them better, don’t make them worse either.