17 little, uncommon things guys find attractive & sexy in women

We all know that there are a lot of things guys find attractive and sexy in women, yet did you know that there are even some strange things guys find attractive that we tend to ignore, girls?

Actually, women always have a certain way to get the attention of a man. Assume that a guy is busy to do something, and a cute girl walks past, then what can make that guy find himself distracted? If you do not acknowledge what will attract a man almost instantly, then this article will give you some ideas about little, uncommon things guys find attractive and sexy in women. These things are concluded based on a few interviews with guys and some prestigious research. Hope that you can make use of these things to woo the man you like and get his own attention in no time. Take a look from WikiYeah!

Things Guys Find Attractive And Sexy In Women – 17 Little Things

Things guys find attractive in women

1. Confidence

This is the first one in this list of things guys find attractive and even sexy in women. Of course, confidence is something that all of us appreciate. When it comes to dating, confidence also plays an important role. Men find the confidence of a woman a sexy trait. As a woman, the way you carry yourself around a man, the way you walk, the way to talk to him can make a big part in how much he is attracted to you.

2. High Heels

There must be at least one reason why women love high heels, and one of them is that high heels make women more attractive in the eyes of men. High heels make your legs look longer and even more attractive. If you walk past a man while wearing a high heel, he can surely not stop his eyes from admiring you from your toe to your face.
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3. Curves

Curves are what make a man differ from a woman. This is the gift of the Mother Nature gives women, not men. Men simply could not resist staring at a woman who has great curves at the right places. Do you have such curves? If yes, you are lucky enough to attract a lot of men. Wear fitting clothing that accentuates your curves and then you will see how much you can get the attention of a man. If no, you should do something like planning a healthier diet plan or creating a fitness regime to help you achieve such curves.

4. Your Fear

When it comes to things guys find attractive in women, this sounds rather strange, but it does. Actually, men do not want to wish deep fear on a woman yet seeing her a little afraid gives him the opportunity to show his strength, comfort her and the play as the hero.
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5. Your Eye Contact

There are a lot of mistakes that women make when behaving with the guy they like and one of the most common is trying to looking away or staring blatantly at him. Actually, if you like a man, and are trying to catch his attention, then you should not do ignore the advantage of your eye contact. Despite ignoring him or stare blatantly at him might get his attention at first, he will soon get bored with your behavior. Rather than, you had better learn how to make eye contact with a guy the right way. Entice that guy with your own eyes, even make his heart beat skipped, and then he will fall faster and harder than it normally is.

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