18 things men do that make women insecure in a relationship

All of us have certain insecurities, be it about our personality, our look, our skills or other people’s thought about it. For women, insecurities seem to be more serious. Women are said to be very complicated and hard to read at times. As a man, you try to make your woman feel good about themselves, but sometimes you bring the opposite effect without knowing the reasons behind. That may be because you say and do certain things that make women insecure in your relationship. Be mindful and let yourself to treat her with more tact. To avoid making those things, check out 18 most common things men do that make women insecure in a relationship on WikiYeah.com.

18 Things Men Do That Make Women Insecure In A Relationship

Things men do that make women insecure in a relationship

1. You Tell Them That They Need A Makeover

A woman always wants to look her best for you. However, if you tell her that she needs a makeover like changing her makeup, it might cause her to think that you find her ugly or that you feel ashamed when walking besides her. It impacts her self-esteem.

The same goes for encouraging her to work out. Of course, you want your loved one to be healthy, but if you do not find any subtle way to encourage them to take up healthy habits, then it is a discouragement. Those men who say some things to their women about working out or getting more fit usually end up hurting her own emotions and feelings and making her feel insecure. When hearing our partner says something about wanting us to get more active or fit, they often make us feel as if they do not approve of our body in certain way.

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2. Your Eyes Usually Wander

When it comes to eye contact, most women are very particular. Actually, during the conversation with your woman, looking at her eyes when she is talking is a way to show your respect to her. It also makes her feel that she is attracted, thus making her intimate with you furthermore.

Nonetheless, if your own eyes often wander during her talk, then it is a mood killer to her. She will lose interest in telling you about her thoughts because you are not interested in them. If you usually give this type of feeling to her, then she will feel disappointed because you are telling her that she is boring.

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3. You Take Too Much Time To Reply

One of the things men do that make women insecure is taking too much time to reply her messages. If you value your woman, then you will not make her wait for you so long. Just simply sending a text is also enough to make her feel your interest though you are with your guys. In fact, even the most confident woman also feels insecure if her partner does not bother to send her a reply.

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4. You Criticize Their Eating Habits

If your woman has a big appetite, then you should not make fun of her for that habit. If not, she will feel sad and insecure when being with you. In case she does not eat too much, you should still be subtle with your remarks. She may feel like she is overweight and need to lose weight for you. Thus, avoid making fun of her for her own eating habits.

5. You Make Fun Of Their Clothes

Similar to make up, a woman makes use of her clothes as one of ways to attract her man.  Women always want to dress up in order to feel better about her and to make you attracted to her. However, if you make fun of her clothes, then it impacts her confidence so much.

6. You Hang Out With Your Female Best Friends

All women, regardless of her appearance, get somehow jealous when their men are with another woman. Even it is just one of your best friends or she is not attractive. Do not be too serious because that is just human nature. Hence, the next time when you hang out with your female best friends, you should make sure that you tag your woman along to help them get to know each other much better. This will give her the assurance that there is nothing special between you and your best female friends.

7. You Talk Too Much About A Woman

If you are not talking about your mother or sister, then your woman will be jealous and a little bit suspicious when you keep talking about a certain woman. The jealous will be more fierce if you if you do not give her enough your attention afterwards.

Though you are innocent and there is nothing more between you and the mentioned woman, this can make your woman a little bit insecure.  In order to ease your woman’s suspicion, you should set a date to introduce your woman and that girl to each other.

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8. You Do Not Introduce Her To Your Friends

Assume that you and your woman have brunch at a restaurant and your friend enters that scene. At that time, you forget to introduce your woman to that friend. Then, it is definitely one of things men do that make women insecure in a relationship. It is not a big deal for you, but it is for women.

Thus, do not forget to introduce her to your friends, particularly if that makes her feel left out. Your woman will feel unwanted and isolated. She may ask herself if she is not important enough to you to be introduced to your mates.

9. You Hide Her From Your Family

Another thing among many things men do that make women insecure in a relationship is hiding her from your family. Family is very important to almost everyone, including you and her. If you do not introduce her to your family, it will make her feel like she is not important in your own life.

10. You Flirt With Another Woman

Nothing could be hurtful for a woman than seeing her partner flirting with other women. Thus, if you want to avoid the things men do that make women insecure, then stop flirting with another woman and preserve her self-esteem and confidence. It is disrespectful to be flirtatious with another woman whilst being in a relationship.

11. You Keep Her A Secret

This is particularly true if she is your secret love. If you have a relationship with her for over 1 year but you still hiding her from your friends, it is obvious that she will get insecure. If you really love someone, you will be glad to let everyone know about your woman. It does not take much from you. Even just uploading a photo having you and your woman inside on Facebook is also a way to let the world know about her.

12. You Do Not Want To Be Intimate

This may be one of hurtful things men do that make women feel insecure in a relationship. In the media, men are portrayed as being the ones who are always ready to go dates with anyone at any time, whilst women are depicted as the ones who say that they are not in the mood and do not want to be intimate with their man. However, in fact, men also have times when they are not in the mood. Despite there can be physiological explanations for this denial, it still makes a woman feel insecure when hearing that her partner does not want to be intimate with her. It is a sign he is not interested in her anymore or is getting the attention from someone else.

13. You Cancel Dates With Her Constantly

If you continuously cancel dates with her continually for responsibilities, it will absolutely make her feel bad. She will feel unimportant and undervalued in your current life. Make sure that you spend time for her as well as your relationship.

14. Tell Her That She Is Not Good In The Kitchen

Every woman wants to be able to take care of their loved one, including her man. Nonetheless, if you do not appreciate her cooking or even make fun of it, it may be innocent, yet to her, you are saying that she is not able to taking care of you in the future.

15. You Play Hot And Cold

If you are a man who blows hot and cold in your relationship with her, then she will feel insecure about your inconsistency. You are up, then down. Or, you are in, then out. She does not like it much, even hate in regard to your relationship.

16. You Resist To Comment To Her

In a long-term relationship, commitment is a key factor that makes the relationship work. If you do not make a commitment with her, then it is a substantial damage to her own self-esteem and ego.

17. You Disappear For Several Days At A Time

When you really love someone, you will never go days at a time without an announcement. That is why it is hurtful when our partner does it to us without explanation. Clearly, if a man disappears for some days at a time without speaking to you, he does not care about you enough to see you regularly. Some men do this and then crawl back and beg for forgiveness and so many times, it works as we, as women, all want to believe the best about our partner.

18. You Cheat On Her

This may be one of the most terrible things men do that make women insecure. Nothing more effective in making a woman feel hurtful and insecure by cheating on her. Her self-esteem will be ruined as a result of that cheating.

If you are the one creating that case, then do not hate her for getting insecure in your relationship because you play a big role in provoking her feel that way. If she agrees to stay with you even after knowing you are cheating on her, you should make sure to not do the same situation again. Also, in such case, it is crucial to show her that you are ready to change.