7 things men only do when they are crazy about you

What are signs telling you if your man is crazy about you? There are a few things you should watch for in your romantic relationship. Among these things, there will be certain things your boyfriend may do once he is crazy about you. If you see any of these signs, collected by Wikiyeah.com, then congratulate because your man is in love with you truly deeply.  It is great to realize that your relationship is really amazing!

What About You Drives Men Crazy? 7 Things Men Only Do When They Get Crazy About You

Things men only do when they are crazy about you

1. Keep Your Purse

To be honest, in the list of things men love to do, keeping your purse is not a point in. However, if your man is crazy about you, he will do this gladly. Whether you are trying a pair of shoes, clothes or dashing to tell your friend something, if he does this for you, then you will realize how much it really means.

2. Shop For The Tampons

Really, no man loves to do it. The female aisle in supermarkets is a place that men do not want to be caught dead in. It is how embarrassed he will be if his friends see him. Nonetheless, if your guy is dedicated to you, then this favor does not bother him so much. He will be brave enough to get whatever feminine goods you need as he really loves you. It also shows that he is a type of men who is worth your time.

3. Protect You

Normally, men will not defend a woman they are not really crazy about. The Most men, in fact, are non-confrontational and they feel that many things are not worth the mess. However, when you play an important role in his life, he will defend you passionately. To him, you are special and he can’t bear the thought of anyone not respecting or appreciating you for the person you are. So, if your man stands up for you, you should appreciate him for loving you.

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4. Visit You At Your Workplace

Among things men only do when they are crazy about you, this may not be too rare. However, in reality, most men shy away from where their women work. Normally, they would rather wait to see her later than dealing with being discussed by her colleagues. They know that they will cause a stir if they show up at your workplace. Nevertheless, if they really go crazy about you, they will not mind that. If you work somewhere featuring with a significantly feminine atmosphere like a makeup counter, hair salon or lingerie store and he drops by you workplace, then you should give him double points.

5. Miss His Favorite Program So You Can Watch Yours

This is one of the rare things men only do when they are crazy about you. Controlling the remote is serious to a guy. The majority of men have a lineup for the shows that they love and just miss them in case there is something more important or serious. If he misses his favorite shows because of yours, then he is into you deeply. He loves you more than you know.

6. He Takes Care Of You When You Get Sick

When you get sick, if he brings you chicken soup, orange juice, and Tylenol, you are a lucky girl. These are signs he loves you so much. A man who is not head over heels a girl might tell that he is sorry she gets sick or that he hopes she feel much better soon, yet he will not deliver the things she needs. Of course, all sweet gestures given by him should be appreciated. However, if your man does this for you, then he is telling you that his emotions and feelings for you are deep without saying it. Almost exactly, he is the right guy for you.

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7. Stand By You During Hard Time

Hard times or difficult situation are what reflects the real status of a relationship. This is the chance revealing how deeply the two people love each other. A man who stands by your through hard times is the one whose love goes deep. It is said that a committed relationship will exposed during hard times. If a man is not committed to the relationship with you, he will make use of hard times as an excuse for his exit.

Now, you have discovered 7 things men only do when they are crazy about you. How does your man show he gets crazy about you? Share your thoughts with us below!