Top 9 things men should know about women (girls)

Truth is, men have a lot of misconceptions about women, their clothes and even about humor. Getting a girl to like you is really simple, yet not as easy as you think. Here uncovers what women really want from men via top 9 things men should know about women. Check out them now!

Things Men Should Know About Women – Something About Women

Things Men Should Know About Women
Things Men Should Know About Women

1. Women Want To Feel Loved

When it comes to things men should know about women, this is the first one you must acknowledge. Many women feel insecure about men’s love for them. There are 2 things that men could do about it. First, reassure her. When conflicts hit, we men should tell our women that we love them no matter what and that all things will be okay. You can say, “I love you. We will soon get through this.” When your women upset, actually, she does not really need space, she needs a hug and to be held. This is the truth. Second, you should pursue her. In reality, women love and need to be pursued throughout a relationship, even after a marriage, just as we pursued them before getting married. It is necessary for you, men, to know types of kisses girls like and crave for to make your woman feel loved.

2. Women Love To Be Surprised

Most women want to be surprised, yet to organize a weekend away without telling them is not a fantastically smart idea. Women tend to be a little uncomfortable if they are not well prepared for a situation in terms of using the right clothes and shoes.

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3. Women Want To Feel Understood

All women need men to understand how they really think and feel, even it is hard. It will help men to understand that the thought lives of most girls are similar to the computers, with multiple, various windows open as well as processing at once. Unlike a lot of men who could only process just one thing at a time, women could constantly juggle multiple emotions and thoughts concurrently. They are rather complex, so you should be patient. [Read: how to seduce a woman or a girl]

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