6 things NOT to do on Facebook in a relationship

Today, Facebook seems to become an indispensable part of our lives. Like it or not, Facebook plays a main role in daily life and impacts a lot of relationships, both in positive and negative way. More and more couples fight over mere things on Facebook, such as status or photos. It seems that every relationship today could be and even has to be put on display on Facebook, the good times and the fights are all presented for everybody to see. And, this causes a lot of problems and fights rather than good things.

As a blogger, I use social media and Facebook on a regular basis, but I do avoid some things that harm my life in the long term. This provokes me to create this article on WikiYeah about things not to do on facebook in a relationship. Let’s start!

Things You Should Not Do On Facebook In A Relationship – 6 Must-Avoid Things

things not to do on Facebook in a relationship

1. Avoid Making Facebook The Home For Your Relationship

Many people seem to be more in love on social media channels, particularly on Facebook, than they actually are in daily life. They upload romantic pics and post on each other’s walls when in the real life, they are not similar to that, or even completely different. So, you want to be romantic on Facebook and show people how great your relationship is? Just make sure that it is also great or might be more in your real life.

Merely, Facebook is just a social networking site. I have witnessed a large number of couples who are not even “dating with each other” or “in a relationship” on Facebook but they have a happy relationship with their partners. In contrast, there are also many people who are very romantic and expressive on Facebook with their partners, yet they are not as expressive as that when you see them in person. It is your own life, your own relationship, so you can show it as much as you want to, but you should always make sure that you feel satisfied with how things are going.

2. Avoid Talking About Your Fights On Facebook

Among things not to do on Facebook in a relationship, this might be the most damaging one. Remember that your fights are yours, and it is unnecessary for the world to see your fights. The same goes for Facebook. In case you get mad at your boyfriend or girlfriend for some reasons and you feel like going crazy, just simply call them up to say how they have hurt you instead of posting status on your Facebook page about how terrible you feel due to them. Despite the world seems strongly interested in your problem, nobody could help but just actually enjoy the real fact that they are in a better state than you. And, another bad thing about this is that people will memorize that fight long long later, even after it is forgotten and fixed.

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3. Avoid Talking About The Intimacy Of You Two On Facebook

When it comes to things to not to do on Facebook, this might be the most subtle thing. This is actually a no-brainer yet a lot couples do this for a few reasons. Do not be proud about the intimacy (both emotional and physical intimacy) that you and your partner have with each other because no one in this world has the right to know apart from two of you, so simply keep it to your own.

Even, this might result in some arguments or fights as your partner does not agree with your action of talking about your personal life and revealing it to your friend list. There are a few things that should always be kept under wraps, no matter they are  offline or online.

4. Avoid Stalking Your Ex On Facebook

Maybe, this is considered among the most common things not to do on Facebook. Many people have a habit of stalking their ex boyfriend or girlfriend on Facebook. Some reasons explaining for this action are to see how miserable their ex is without them, to see if they have forgotten hotter after they are gone, and because they feel angry at their ex and want to take it out on their ex.

So, the question is that: is there something good coming out of stalking your ex?  Well, nothing. You are just showing your partner that you are not over them at all and it will hurt them a lot once they find out.

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5. Avoid Being Friends With Your Ex On Facebook

We have heard a lot this saying, “I am still friends with him / her on Facebook and we feel cool.” However, actually, it is actually not normal to be friends with an ex, either online or in real life, it just results in bad things afterwards. Your ex is not cool with you and you might be just lying to yourself by thinking that way. It is always better to let your ex stay in the past and not interfere your future.

6. Avoid Spying Your Partner Through Facebook

We all know that every action of spying is unacceptable, and this means you are in a damaged relationship. Also, it means you should take time to figure yourself out. This can either due to your past. No one is insecure due to no reason. It is always the best to talk to your partner about how insecure you feel and let them know about your weak side. Fact is, admitting it is better than doing something behind their backs.
Many people spy on their partners on Facebook by checking their photos and activities, even on the deep parts on their profiles in order to try and find anything they could use. But, stop being insecure or talk about it. Instead, find a true way to fix it.