11 things not to do when kissing

Kissing is fun to do. There is a good chance that kissing is an integral part of a romantic relationship. Kissing is romantic and could set the mood. Obviously, there are a few things that you had better avoid saying or doing when you two are engaged this amazing, intimate moment. Of course, you do not want to be a bad kisser, right? Then, you should know the following which are top things not to do when kissing. Take a look from Wikiyeah.com!

What Not To Do When Kissing – 11 Big Don’ts

Things not to do when kissing

1. Avoid Charging With The Tongue Sticking Out

This is one of the most common mistakes people make when kissing. Some people lead with their tongue. However, this can gross their partner out. What you should do is to put your lips together before insert the tongue. It sounds funny, yet that is how it is well done. This way, you will not actually see the tongue.

2. Stop Thinking Too Much About The Next Move

Kissing is not like playing chess. It is kissing. Whilst it is tempting to overanalyze what your partner will do next so you could be well prepared, it might take you out of the moment, which seems to be opposite to what you want.

3. Avoid Clicking Teeth

Softness and delicacy play important parts when it comes to kissing. So, clicking teeth is among the things not to do when kissing. Apart from the terrible sounds of two sets of the teeth clanging against one another, it could be also painful. If you notice it occurs as a pattern, then you should slow down on your approach because you may be coming in too fast.

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4. Avoid Looking Elsewhere

Despite it is definitely acceptable to open the eyes from time to time while kissing, it is a main problem if you take in all the sights around. If your partner notices it, you might give him/her an impression that you are bored or even worse. You may stamp out the passion flames by giving your significant other an impression you would like to do anything else in the world, even when it is unintentional.

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