8 best things to do after a breakup for girls & guys

4. Stop Talking About Your Ex

Oftentimes, one to three weeks after the breakup is still the acceptable stage to talk about your ex. However, still you should not make all things coming out of your mouth be about your ex. Stop talking about whether he/she is better without you, how much satisfying or happier he/she seems and how it feels like he/she is moving on with his/her life whilst you are just plain stuck.

If you just do so, I bet that you just make your friends get annoyed and stop talking to you. Keep in mind that thought talking about yourself will naturally make you feel good. Similarly, other people also have needs to. People all want to talk about themselves. Thus, you should learn how to give way. Do not just focus on yourself, and talk just about you. [Read: how to get over your girlfriend or boyfriend]

5. Laugh More

Perhaps, for several days after a breakup, you will look sullen and glum. Perhaps, you will go to the workplace with bloodshot eyes, unkempt clothes and pale skin. Nevertheless, when you get up, you should make sure that you dress up. Getting over a breakup and moving on could be one of the most difficult things you could do at this period, yet you do not have to look homeless just due to it. If possible, laugh at yourself. Make sure that you spend time with those people who could make you happy. Go with those people who make you forget about the bad memories and things that you are experiencing. Have a good laugh and you will reap a lot of benefits for both your body, soul and mind as well. Once again, as mentioned earlier, feeling good means looking good. [Read: how to overcome loneliness]

6. Enjoy Good Time

This is a highly recommended one in this list of things to do after a breakup. With the impending thoughts and memories of the past, you may find it very difficult to have fun actually. However, do not worry. Try to spend time with the people who make you feel the natural you and do the things you love doing. Bear in mind that having a good time does not need to be expensive, full or classy of effort. Just simply go shopping, visiting museums with your friends or go karaoke to help you forget about the loss as well as loneliness for a moment.

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