8 best things to do after a breakup for girls & guys

7. Be The Better You

Do not drown yourself in alcohol, make out with anyone that you do not know, or put yourself in danger just due to loneliness after a breakup. Doing such things does not help anything with you. Moreover, the only reason you might be doing this is to get the attention of your ex. Nonetheless, keep in mind that it ended for a certain reason and your major concern at the moment is to get better. Doing so just gets things worse. [Read: how to find love]

8. Do Not Look For A Rebound Relationship

When it comes to things to do after a breakup, going for a rebound relationship seems to be popular, especially among women. A rebound relationship could be beneficial for you at some aspects because it can be an emotional trip, yet the importance of it is that it rapidly show you that your previous partner is not the single one in the world for you.

The downside? In reality, rebound rarely last. Because you are in a state of mental fragility, you tend to be not trust the new relationship, or you are not ready to give it the energy and time it deserves. This is definitely a no-no. You could never replace real love.  Never use anyone just for the sake of not feeling alone. You should also know that sometimes being alone does not mean that no one likes to be with you or you do not have friends. It is just that sometimes.

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