Top 9 best things to do in Maldives island for visitors

4. Alimatha Island

Best things to do in Maldives - alimatha island

Third best is ALimatha Island situated at the Vaavu Atoll on the eastern side of the Maldives. Offering aquarium-like snorkeling, world-class diving, and a central beach complete with good facilities, the island itself comes with green vegetation which is surrounded by a lot of stunning sites and beaches. [Read: best island getaways]

5. Dive The Banana Reef

Best things to do in Maldives - dive the banana reef

Situated in the North Male Atoll, Banana Reef is the most sought out diving site in the Maldives. The name Banana Reef is originated from the shape of a banana extending 300 meters from north to south. In fact, the main feature of the Banana Reef is the marine life where visitors could find Napoleon Wrasse, the rare Bannerfish, and Moray Eels. The numerous of fishes with different colors as well as sizes and its drift dives undoubtedly gave this place the reputation as among the best dive sites in the Maldives.

6. Male’

Best things to do in Maldives - male’

Considered one of the smallest capital cities in the world, Male’ just has a wee one square mile. However, trust men it is definitely worthy destination when you landing on Maldives. In there, you will stumble onto Republic Square, which seems to constantly bustle with life.

Visit the National Museum which is now rebuilt and redesigned by the Chinese Government, and is where eventually the artifacts from the old museum would move to. If you really want to know more about the Maldivian artifacts as well as the rich story behind each, then it is definitely a perfect place for you to visit.

In addition, when you meander along the thoroughfares of this city, you will realize a lot of mosques. And, though you might want to explore inside, be polite and cautious: those foreigners, especially non-Muslim ones, are not welcome sometimes. Along with those fascinating sights in Male’, visitors also can experience the featured smells in the local fish Market.

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