Top 9 best things to do in Maldives island for visitors

7. Hukuru Miskiiy

Best things to do in Maldives - hukuru miskiiy

The next one among many things to do in Maldives is to visit Hukuru Miskiiy. Also called as “Old Friday Mosque”, Hukuru Miskiiy has situated in Male’ since 1656 and is the oldest mosque found on the island. With lots of incredible craftsmanship, the interior of this destination includes intricate woodwork plus with exquisite inlays. Though admission is free, non-Muslim travelers are required to get the permission before visiting. The hours of visiting are not clear, yet the best chances to enter are from Sunday to Thursdays because religious services are often conducted on Friday and Saturday. The quiet and calm place will be great for those visitors to discover the Islamic culture that the Maldivians follow.  [Read: places to travel before 30]

8. Eat Out In Male’

Best things to do in Maldives - eat out in male’

When it comes to best things to do in Maldives, it will be a shortage if you skip food here which is beyond delicious and incredibly fresh. The majority of restaurants in Male’ offer outdoor dining areas. As recommendations, some of the most popular places to go contain Royal Garden Café, The Seagull Café,  Symphony, and Irudhashu Hotaa (for fast meals). [Read: best things to do in Monaco]

9. Check Out The Nightlife

Best things to do in Maldives - check out the nightlife

In fact, locally, alcohol is banned amongst local people – that means a very limited nighttime scene. Most of the resorts and hotels have bars, yet you will be not likely to find them anywhere else. if you want to enjoy some live music, you have to search around.

Above are top 9 best things to do and to see in Maldives – believe me – they will not let you regret about your choice of visiting one of the most wonderful island on the planet!

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