7 things to do when your guy’s friends are a bad influence

3. Copy His Behaviors

In fact, actions often speak louder than just words. To make him see your point, sometimes you need to put yourself in the circumstance that you want to describe. If you do not like his friends as you think they affect your guy negatively, you can treat him the same way he did to you.

That way, he will finally realize that you have changed. Dress differently, perhaps you began cussing more or stopped texting messages for him in order to see what he is doing when the two of you are not together.

If he is serious about your relationship and you are crucial to him, he will notice that you have just changed and want to know what happens, as he will wish to fix it. When you explain to your guy that how he feels about you now is precisely how you feel, he might understand your concern.

4. Go Away

Despite this may not be your first choice, it is still an option after all. If you really believe that there is not anything that can help him really realize that the ones he is hanging out with are not good for his life, then you could fade away.

Simply stop caring about his life. If you want to find out whether or not your relationship is really meaningful to your man, one method to know for sure is to stop everything for him.
Aside from this, it also means that quit trying for making him see his behavior and friendships from your current perspective. Instead, just walk away. This might warn him about your leave. He will notice that you are not there for him and no longer listen to him whenever he wants to share his thoughts. He might also realize that your availability is much more meaningful to him than other people whom he calls friends.

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5. Intervene

If you care about your guy, and you feel like regardless of your actions, you could not get him to truly realize that his friends are negative impacts, one tip you could use is applying an intervention, which is not only useful for addicted drug users but also this case. If you notice a chance for the worse in his own behavior, then get the help from his family. You could have a sincere talk with his family members to check if they have recently noticed the changes, and when you and his family are on the same page, sit down and suggest a way to deal with the situation. Express your thoughts and concerns; give examples to emphasize your own points. He might not like the idea that that you confided to his parents, yet he will realize that what you did is just because you really care much for his life.

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