7 things to do when your guy’s friends are a bad influence

6. Pretend Politely

Have you ever heard about the statement, “kill them with the kindness”? No matter how difficult this is to do, to help your boyfriend avoid bad influences from his friends, you can use your polite to treat them. If you always treat them politely and kindly, even when it takes all of you to be, they still cannot complain anything about you when you are not around him.

Try to be polite because it will give you the necessary power and warrant that your guy thinks of you as a real friend when you are not around him as well as his friends.

7. Set Some Rules

Regarding things to do when your guy’s friends are a bad influence, setting some rules is a good useful step to take. Nobody likes the feeling that they are being told what to do or trapped, particularly your boyfriend. Would you your man to tell you who you could and could not make friends with? No, maybe. However, you can always add some relationship rules in regard to making friends with some specific people, particularly if he described his thought to you about why he likes or does not like several of your friends.

Now, you have known 7 things to do when your guy’s friends are a bad influence. Despite the reality that your man may be good friends with those people since they were still children, you as his girlfriend, have the right to make him acknowledge when his mates are not healthy for his life. At first, of course, he might think you are getting jealous of them, yet afterwards, he will realize that you just look out for him, it will be soon for him to realize that you are right.

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