8 secret things women do in a new relationship but never admit

Relationships are always great and exciting for most of us, both men and women. In a new love, both partners are irresistible to each other. You two love spending time with each other. Both of you enjoy each other’s company, movies, cuddling, dinners or just being together.

Among two partners, women seem over excited about their new relationship. The moment she felt over heels for her crush, everything begins revolving around the “new guy” in her current life. A woman will always share all details of her new love with their friends or relatives and tell them about the new guy of her life.
However, there are some specific things women secretly do in a new relationship but never admit. Ladies, frankly, most of you engage yourself in those behaviors in order to check if he is the right guy for you, right?

The following checklist gathers the most common things secretly women do in a new relationship but never admit. These activities are often kept in secret from everyone, particularly their man, by women. Check out from WikiYeah.com! Some information in this entry is referred from YourTango and Allwomenstalk.

8 Things Women Secretly Do In A New Relationship – Secrets Exposed

things women secretly do in a new relationship but never admit

1. Pretend Leaving Things At His Place

This might be one of the most common things women secretly do in a new relationship but never admit. Oops! Did I leave my clothes in your closet?”, or “Oh! Did I leave my toothbrush in your bathroom?”. That is smart of you. By “accidentally” leaving your certain things in his place, but with prior intention, you are creating some chances for you to meet him more and remind him that now this place has not just had him.

2. Picture The Future Of Your Two Together

I bet that this is the most common things women do in a new relationship but never admit. Well, he is great but you did just start dating and it seems too soon to start imagining about your fairy-tale future life with him. How your house will be like, your dream house, your kids, their names, your new car – every detail of your future around him in your mind. But, do you tell him? I guess no.

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3. Check Out His Phone

This is rather mean, yet necessary. You certainly find it very crucial to check out his cell phone messages as well as contact list. Not understanding the value of his personal space along with privacy, you scroll through his cell phone contact list. Definitely, you will never let him know that you have checked his phone. Now, you pretend like an innocent girl who is there for only trust and love.

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4. Stalk His Facebook Page

His past is over. What important to him now is you. But, there seems an abstract urge that provokes you to stalk his Facebook page. You check every single status and picture that he posted for the past few months or even years.

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