13 subtle things women do that make a man feel hurt & used

Are you really appreciative and caring for your partner? Yet, maybe you are unknowingly doing something that makes a man feel hurt and used around you. In reality, when it comes to a romantic relationship, women often thought as the ones who complain about being used or hurt. However, it is no longer the case as many men are too embarrassed to speak it out. Society tends to push the importance of men being real “men” onto guys, so this might be why we do not often hear much about men’s complaints about being taken for granted.

So, what things women do that make a man feel hurt and used? Well, there are specific things that women should acknowledge. However, before listing these things about, it is important to note that I am a girl who wants to share what I learned through with you other women out there. Some information in this entry, made by WikiYeah, is referred from Allwomenstalk and Psychologytoday.

Things Women Do That Make A Man Feel Hurt – 13 Subtle Warnings

Things women do that make a man feel hurt

1. He Gets Blamed For All

Some girls act as if they could not be mistaken for anything. For example, she is late for movies? It is his mistake. Lost a watch? It is his mistake. Yet, you might not be aware that blaming your guy will just make him feel like you are making use of him. Stop doing so. There are times when it is really his mistake, yet even so, it is not necessary to make him feel guilty or bad about it. Put your shoes in his. Would you like to be constantly blamed?

2. He Always Drives

When it comes thing women do that make a man feel hurt and used, this might surprise you. However, this is considered as the top complaint that men give. Apparently, some girls act handicapped the second that they are required to take the wheel. But, struggle is real here. Girls, you are a couple, so you should offer your willing to drive the next time you two go out.

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3. He Always Pays

We all mature, so if you have cash, just use it. Don’t just let your partner pay on every date of two of you. Don’t hoard your money and blow it on clothes or nail polish. Girls, even when your guy makes more than you, there is no reason why you could not treat him now and then. If he makes much more than you, you have more reason to offer a pay, because it shows off your own independence.

4. He Is Responsible For All Physical Intimacy

Men sometimes also feel like they are used when they have to become the person who is responsible throughout the play time. Though it is normal when a man takes care of all that jazz, yet girls, you also need to step up to show you’re willing.
Some girls just simply lie there without doing anything to connect with their partner. But, that just make men feel bored about them. So, get on top once in a while and show your man what you have got.

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5. He Has To Plan It All

What are common things women do that make a man feel hurt? It is planning it all. Why men have to be the ones who plan it all? There is no denying that it requires more brainpower for guys to plan a date with a girl. There are times that he feel exhausted about planning where to go on a date, what to have for dinner, so do not make him feel over used and make an attempt to take all burden on his shoulders. You should also make an attempt to actively get involved in the plan.

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6. She Tears

All men said that when a woman turns on tears, they feel used. Despite it might depend on the situation, it is still the case. Some women tend to use tears as a manner to guilt trip their male partner doing something for them and this should be stopped right now as you just make all women out there look bad. For example, it is no need to go into tears if your man forgets to put the toilet seat down again. But, it is always should be done if someone dies or he cheats you.

7. She Strings Him

Obviously, anybody would feel hurt and used if their partner strung them along. Oftentimes, women are used in this sense, yet either way, sometimes men are also in such case. An instance is when a girl leads a guy on and makes him think that he is the special one, in reality, she has two other men always on the side. So, try to be honest about your relationship status.

8. She Yells At Him For Putting An Attempt

It is normal to lose your own temper now and then when you are the one who is putting all effort into something in your relationship. Yet, if your guy messes up trying to do something great for you, then you should not flip out. For instance, if your man put your socks and underwear in the same load of the laundry, then you should still not yell at him. If possible, you should learn to appreciate the fact that your guy is trying to do something nice for you, not just focus on the dark side.
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9. She Is Too Dependent

Men often feel used when their female partners are too dependent. This is true on different aspects of the life, including finance, housework, or something else. Basically, many men think that women are not independent enough but if you depend on him even on the smallest thing, you are making him feel used. Girls, you need to address what you can do on your own now and then.

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10. She Points Out His Flaws

Among things women do that make men feel hurt and used, this might be most common. Pointing out your man’s flaws like not being muscled enough, not lasting firm and long enough during physical intimacy, not being something enough… Yet, the problem is that men will take this in the wrong way and will think that you are just criticizing them. Maybe, you are also doing so but even not aware of it. He also thinks that because you are not satisfied with him as the person who he is, you have the motivation to use him.

11. She Does Not Show Her Appreciation

This is a secret thing that not many men say it out loud. Men are secretly divas from within, and they want to see your appreciation for them. It is not necessary for you to do something too enormous in order to show that you care about him. All he needs is your simple show of affection now and then in order to show that you are not using them. Try to learn some romantic gestures for him or some ways to show your love for him.

12. She Flirts Apparently

Though this might not be common in regard to things women do that make men feel hurt and used, it is still complained by some guys. Openly flirting with men when your guy is around is not a good idea. This just shows your disrespect for him and makes him feel hurt and used.

13. It Is Always About Her

The last one in this list of thing women do that make men feel hurt and used is the all-about-me. This is a surefire way to get your man questioning if you are using him or not. Relationships are a two-way street, remember that, and you should put attention to the relationship as he does. If it is always about one person, then the flame of the love will soon end.

It does not matter if you are a girl or guy, it is crucial to communicate with your partner in regard to what makes them sad and happy. Then, do all what you could do to bring the positivity as well as love into your relationship.