9 things women wish men knew and did – attention men!!!

Do you think that you are a perfect boyfriend? Then, you might be surprised at where you are lacking because there are some things women wish men knew and did. What could you possibly be missing? You should not think that your girlfriend becomes too greedy per se, instead, think that you can make your woman feel extra special.

So, what should men do for their women more often? Check out 9 following things women wish men knew and did – from Wikiyeah.com!

Things women wish men knew

1. Do Not Be A Man-Baby

Women are nurturing and love to take care of their loved one, including men, yet they do not want to become a mom at all. Most men are kids at their heart, yet if you act like a man-baby, then it is a really big problem.

2. Put Your Mind On Her Now And Then

This might be the lesser known when it comes to things women wish men knew. Whether your woman is independent  or clingy, she still needs the attention from her man. It is no mistake that women love attention, and also there is nothing that hurts her much more than you ignore her and hang out with your male friends. Even if she is not the kind who loves hanging out with your friends, just asking her if she would like to go with you might cheer her up. [MORE: Respark The Romance ebook – a comprehensive guide to renew your relationship]

3. Be There After Intercourse

Are you the kind of men who just rushes out of the girlfriend after “everything” is done? Do you fall asleep after getting your jollies? This might be among the things your women would do less of.

She does not ask you to sit beside her for 1-2 hours after having an intercourse to chat how two of you feel, so you should lay with her for about just 5 – 10 minutes later in order to let her know how you appreciate her. Women love men, love that intimacy. Because girls tend to have a deeper connection with physical intimacy, they will like to be with their guys right after the intercourse. That is a way she uses to compliment you, so you should take it. [MORE: how to win a girl’s heart easily]

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