9 things women wish men knew and did – attention men!!!

4. Do Housework

If you are living with her, then chances are one or both of you have to do housework, including cleaning up. However, not many men do this. Remember, both of you work and have long working days. No one likes mopping, cleaning out, doing dishes, etc, so is your girlfriend. Why don’t you do some houseworks without your girlfriend requiring you?

5. Watch Her Favorite TV Shows

In regard to things women wish men knew and did, this is not too common, but still referred here because it is something that most men do not acknowledge of. Your girlfriend knows that she watches such bad or stereotypically girly TV shows, but she still wants her boyfriend sit down and watch these shows with her, be it Gilmore Girls, America’s Next Top Model, or Jerseylicious. Maybe, you will love it?

6. Cook For Her In The Morning

Not dinner, so it is rather easy for you to do this wish, right? Women love the man who can cook. One morning, let her sleep over and cook pancakes for her breakfast. This is one of the most romantic things women wish men knew and did.

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