9 things women wish men knew and did – attention men!!!

7. Kiss Her Like In Movies

A Hollywood kiss looks so amazing and romantic. Every girl loves it and wants to experience about 3 kinds of movie-styled kisses in her own life. There are 3 options for such kind of kisses that you could do. Believe me!

  • The kiss carried out under the rain
  • The WWII kiss – for example, in public, show your affections by kissing her a random kiss.
  • The kiss in middle of the fight – well, you might see this type of kisses in many films. The situation is that you two are fighting each other. The anger turns into something more sexual. As a result, sexual tension is created and you just want to put off her clothes and go into the moment heat.

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8. Put Some Romance Into Your Relationship

Maybe, when you are flirting each other, flowers or presents are common. Yet, after getting to know each other well, that romantic action has not been performed regularly. And, assuming that one times you say that you want to buy flowers for her, and she says that she does not want, but she does.

Bringing your home some flowers, or cook a dinner for her, or anything else that you two have not done with each other for a long time. Doing this will get you becoming an ideal partner in her eyes and she will tell her friends about you as the best boyfriend in the world. [MORE: ways to turn a girl on]

9. Share Your Time With Her Family And Friends

There is nothing more off-turning than a boyfriend who refuses to be social with his girlfriend. Do not make yourself a selfish jerk. Do not be that man for the woman of your life. Be social with her friends and family and she will thank you for it.

To conclude, women ask for many things from guys, yet not many of these things are voiced out. Hope that after reading this series of things women wish men knew and did, you can get more of her love without even a suggestion. With a little attention, you will enhance your relationship to the next level.

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