10 things you do in relationships that you end up regretting

Sometimes, in relationships, when looking back, there are some moments making us cringe. Maybe, it is something that you learned to not to do anymore, or something you did in just a second of weakness. No matter what it is, there is always a lesson to learn from.

Yet, chances are, you are not alone. Regardless of your mistakes, there is still someone who also does the same like you, too. It seems to take more than just a plain apology to get over some of the following regret-inducing things. Take a look at this list of check out things you do in relationships that you end up regretting – from Wikiyeah.com!

10 Things We Do In Relationships That We End Up Regretting Later On – Avoid At All Cost

Things you do in relationships that you end up regretting

1. Lie Or Conceal The Truth

Both of these cases can be the reasons of your future regret. This will not only lead to sadness, arguments, and misery feelings, but it will also break the trust in the relationship. Actually, one of the most difficult things to take back after being lost is trust. Yet, it does not mean that it is impossible. Yet, no one wants to spend many months or even years to earn it back. So, if you want to avoid such things which might make you feel regret later, do not do it right from the beginning of the relationship. In relationships, lying never ends in healthy ways.

2. Unable To Manage Anger Well

One of the most common things you do in relationships that you end up regretting is unable to manage anger properly. Anger often triggers something that we often regret later. If you cannot manage your own anger well, it might lead to potential arguments. And, more serious, in the anger heat, you may also say something that you could never take back. This will not only open the door to certain abusive behaviors, but it might also result in simmering the resentment feelings bubbling over into an outright breakup.

3. Cheat

Cheating is not only a violation of your commitment to one another, but also triggers the risk of pain, breakup. Cheating also implies that your partner is not good enough or is not giving you what you need from your relationship. Though it has no voice, it is still a nonverbal attack on your partner. It is very hurtful for a person to recover from even when he/she gets a second chance.

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4. Abuse

What abuse I mention here means physical, mental or emotional abuse. Whilst not everybody feels guilty of physical abuse, a large number of people do not even realize that emotional and mental abuse is also easy to compromise.
In reality, ignoring the emotional wants as well as demands of your partner is also one of the forms of emotional abuse while berating your loved one and continual bringing up weaknesses or shortcomings is an instance of emotional and mental abuse. Though these might not seem like a great deal right at the first sight, but imagine how your partner feels like to be neglected or criticized on a regular basis.

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